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Reporting & Testing

Minnesota homeschool law requires parents to send an annual report to your school district by October 1st of each year.

   Click HERE to download the School Reporting Form from MACHE.

This rule is only applicable for children age 7 to 16 by September 1st of the year! You do not have to report or test your children under the age of 7 - even if they turn 7 during the school year!

The only required information that you legally need to submit to your school district is:

  • Your basic name and address
  • The names of your qualifying children with birth dates
  • Immunization information (If you need a blank immuniziation form, click HERE.) If you consciously object to immunizations, check the appropriate box and have the form notarized before submitting to your school district. Many banks offer notary services.
  • The name of the standardized test you intend to have your children take, the administrator of that test, and the location

In Minnesota, you do not have to submit grades or test results to anyone.

Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE) has done a fabulous job of advocating for homeschool families, and they have created a legal document for parents to complete and turn into their school district. (Form can also be found on the ROCK website.) Below is a statement from their website:

In the summer of 2011, the Minnesota Legislature passed the Homeschool Mandate Reduction bill, improving homeschool reporting and strengthening homeschooling rights in Minnesota.  We owe a huge thanks to Senator Gen Olson, Representative Mary Kiffmeyer and Representative Sondra Erickson. They did a fabulous job outlining the success of homeschooling over the last three decades and were rock solid in defending your right to direct the education of your children. 

Minnesota law does not specify how home educators should write their annual report, only that it is due by October 1 each year and certain information must be communicated. MÂCHÉ encourages you to use one of our forms or to write your own letter instead of any documents a local school district may send because those usually are, to some degree, in error. Do not set precedent by reporting more information than the statute specifies. 

If you have any worry or concern, or just want added homeschool protection, ROCK Academy recommends joining the Home School Legal Defense Associate (HSLDA). They not only legally defend homeschoolers, they have a wealth of information and resources available through their website.

Annual Standardized Testing

Often feared by homeschool parents as something worse than the plague, standardized testing can be a great tool to parents if viewed from a different perspective. 

State law doesn't say testing has to be done in the spring - try testing your kids at the end of summer or right away in the fall. The results can help you focus on the areas you want to work on for the year; a starting point, rather than an end.

Even if you choose to test in the spring - there is no need to fear the results. YOU are the teacher! You already know where your child's strengths and weaknesses lay. When those test results arrive, simply file them away quietly without ever looking at them! You have fulfilled your legal obligation to make sure your child has tested - they didn't say you had to read and interpret the results!

MACHE has some good information about the most common standardized tests in Minnesota. Click HERE.

At ROCK Academy, we support two standardized tests accepted by most school districts: The Stanford Achievement Test - 10 (SAT-10) and the Peabody, which is administered one-on-one. 

  • SAT-10 Testing (for children in 3rd - 10th grade only) are administered by Kristi Beil in the spring. Registration and testing dates to be determined. You can use this name and test name on your Reporting Form if desired.
  • Peabody Individual Achievement Test (PIAT-R)  
    • Administered by Brenda Patterson (bmpatter66@aol.com or 952-240-4722)

WINGS Support Group of Grace Church and CHAT have offered other testing options in the past (pre-COVID); you can check their websites for information.