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3-Legged Stool & Clumping

At ROCK Academy, we understand that there are many different homeschool ideologies and methods. One of the benefits of homeschooling is that you can adapt lessons and learning at home to fit exactly what each indivdual child needs and work within your family beliefs and values.


Although not always easy to accomplish in a group setting, we do our best to create an environment that is appealing to children with all learning styles using a hybrid of education teaching methods: Classical, Charlotte Mason, and Unit Study. Memory work is taught and repeated within the context of the appropriate subjects (classical/auditory). Children are given opportunities to explore each subject (Charlotte Mason/visual), and concepts are solidified on campus in the form of group games, projects, and activities (unit study/kinesthetic). Just like a 3-legged stool that keeps it's balance, ROCK is better able to teach to children with all learning styles and personalities by incorporating all three teaching methods to give balance to learning.

What is "CLUMPING"?

Our clumping philosophy is simply a one-room schoolhouse idea.

  • In a clumped classroom, students will have the opportunity to be the youngest, and learn from the older students, and they will also have to opportunity to be the oldest in the class helping to teach and mentor younger students. (Yes! Even Kindergarteners can be a mentor to a 4-year-old!)
  • Another benefit of clumping ages is that sometimes children understand other children better than adults; In a classroom of mixed ages, kids can help each other out.
  • As students get older and move from program to program, there will be less classroom size fluctuation.By clumping multi-ages together in one class, it provides for a more stable environment.
  • Most homeschool children have a wide age range of friends. A clumped classroom allows for a range of ages and friends, rather than a boxy, age-segregated classroom, and your child is sure to find a familiar face, even as they move up to a new class!
  • With a clumped classroom model, most children stay in a classroom for about two years. This eliminates pressure from parents to make decisions on what grade their child should be in, as well as eliminates anxiety from kids to move to a new classroom before they are ready. Activities and homework are carefully planned to provide a challenge for the older students in class as well as activities for younger students to feel successful.

Proverbs 27:17 says, “…As iron sharpens iron, so shall one [child] sharpen another…

Working together. Caring for others. Building relationships. That’s what ROCK Academy is about.