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Questions About Parent Participation and Responsibilities

Q:    Do I have to stay on campus the whole day?

A:    In general YES. For Preschool through 6th grade is it required. See policy for Middle School and High School below.

One reason is that Moms need friends too! Homeschooling can be lonely, and at ROCK, you get to see friends every week, just like your kids! There are few homeschool programs that allow parents to participate with their children in the program. One of ROCK Academy's core values is "Doing School as a Family!"

Your presence not only helps reduce negative behavior, but it also is a blessing to tutors in the classroom. (See FAQ: "What Do I Do While My Kids Are In Classes?" below.)

NEW! Middle School and High School Policy

If your youngest child or only child enrolled at ROCK Academy is in 7th grade or older, parents are not required to stay on campus. However, for reasons stated above, we highly recommend you stay to connect and possibly minister to moms with younger children.

Q:    What do I do while my kids are in classes?

A:    The answer to this is as varied as the hats a mother wears, and many times your job on campus might depend on what season of life you are in.

You might be asked to be a teacher-helper: passing out maps, collecting markers, walking a little one to the bathroom, or writing on the whiteboard. You might have to sit by a child who is wiggly or who might not understand directions.

Conversely, you might be in a season of life where you need rest. You might have a newborn; you are nursing and sleep deprived. You might have aging parents you are caring for, or maybe you are in the process of moving. This is a season when you need a little break and encouragement from other parents.

The list goes on and on! Most moms find a balance of being a classroom helper and developing friendships. The key to being on campus is to be as involved as you can so that at home you will be ready and equipped for the week ahead.

Q:    What do we do the rest of the week?

A:    ROCK Academy starts your week and sets the pace for you. Classroom tutors will give homework assignments (posted Monday evening on a comprehensive lesson plan page,) and then you, as the parent, can decide how and when that work is accomplished before the next campus day. As the parent, you have to responsibility to assign the homework as-is, or to modify it according to your child’s abilities, or at a pace that meets your family’s schedule and other commitments.

At home, you will also add math, Bible, spelling, and Latin (for those following a more Classical approach). High School students should consider a foreign language.