One day, you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again.  ~C.S. Lewis~

The Top 5 Things You Need To Know:

1. ROCK meets every MONDAY morning from 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    Grace Church in Eden Prairie; 2nd Level - Children's Wing
    1st Semester: 9/9 - 12/16
    2nd Semester: 1/27 - 5/11
    With breaks for holidays - 29 weeks total

2. ROCK Academy is NOT a drop-off program.* Parents are involved in classes and have opportunities to connect with other parents in the program.
*Parents of high school students are not required to stay, but must agree to ROCK policies.

3. We offer classes for Preschool through High School; and also a Nursery for younger siblings.

4. ROCK Academy is an academic program with homework for students in 3rd grade and older. It is the expectation that all students will complete their homework to the best of their abilities, and that parents will play an active role in assuring that work is completed on time.

5. Classes offered at ROCK are thorough enough that there is no need to supplement with other curriculums or classes.*
*With the exception of phonics, spelling, or formal grammar.

Fees, Deadlines, & Discounts

Registration FeeNew Members Only (one time)$50/familyat time of Registration
Participation FeeAnnual Fee (administrative costs)$150/familyAugust 15th
Class DepositSecure spot in class (non-refundable)$25/childat time of Registration
Afternoon ProgrammingOptional$250/child/yearat time of Registration
Class Tuition
variesPaid in full by 11/15
Tuition DiscountsClassroom and Non-Classroom roles qualify.variesAsk Director
Military, Missionary, Pastor DiscountsActively serving, or FT pastor10% Discountapplied 10/15
Referral CreditFamilies enrolled for at least one year$50/family referredapplied 10/15




Afternoons are the enrichment part of the day - the dessert after a full meal of learning all morning. The FUN!

This parent-led program is for families who want to squeeze in as many extra curricular activities into ONE DAY as possible. Sort of a "one-stop-shopping" experience. Parents who have strong interests or hobbies can start a Club for ROCK friends to join, like Lego Club, Rock Collectors Club, or Horse Club. Hands-on-History is a fun class that helps bring life to what is learned in the mornings, whether mummifying a Barbie, designing an Aztec sundial, or creating an Aboriginal Cave painting - the messier, the funner!

Parents of older students might want to add a more academic element to their week and offer an elective class, such as Finance Class or Art Studies. Other times, an expert will be brought in, such as a fitness instructor or foreign language teacher. 

Afternoons are usually a little more relaxed and kids get to be with their friends for a little while longer on Mondays.

Clubs and Classes are formed over the summer with sign-ups beginning in August. 
Afternoon Program Fee: $250 per child (full year, no reduced price for partial year.)