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The Journey Begins!

The early ages of homeschooling are so delightful! God has created children to naturally want to explore and discover everything around them – that’s one reason school is so exciting! At ROCK Academy, our Exploratory Classes are designed specially to suit the needs of children 3-year-old through 2nd grade!

All Explorer Classes have a similar literature-based, unit-study format. A story is read each week which relates to the history, geography, science, or character themes older classes are studying. Classroom activities provide hands-on exploration and re-enforcement of themes found in each story.


Grab a shovel and a map - we're going to explore ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS! Join us as we discover the ancient places found in the Bible and read about the actual people who lived there as we learn about Joseph and the Egyptians and David and the Phoenicians  - and much, much more!

S.T.E.M. is FUN.  ROCK Academy offers children lots of fun with hands-on Science labs, demonstrations, and experiments; as well as opportunities in Technology, Engineering, and Math activities – with no homework. Your child won't know they are learning while building a K'Nex structure, using an iPad, or solving problems in an activity. 

But That's Not All - Besides reading stories about people from all over the world and playing with some ooey-gooey experiments, it’s hard to imagine that there is more. Every week your kids will get to do the things that homeschooling Moms love – play with other kids! Explorer classes also include Gym Class every week, while Art and Music alternate every-other-week.

Being a homeschool kid doesn't get any better.

Nursery (Birth - 3yrs)

Adventurers (3-4 yrs)

Voyagers (5-6 yrs)

Navigators (1st-2nd Grade)

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