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Academic Classes - 3rd Grade thru High School

For children 3rd grade and older, we offer a structured, academic-based program. Each week students will study core subjects of History, Language Arts, and Science. All curricula is carefully chosen and tutors at ROCK Academy teach from a Biblical worldview. Class tutors set the pace and assign homework each week, and students have the opportunity to interact with peers and hold one another accountable in their studies.  At ROCK Academy, parents are still fully responsible for their child completing their studies, and they have the support and structure of a community to help them in accomplishing their goal of homeschooling their child.

Although not always easy to accomplish in a group setting, we do our best to create an environment that is appealing to children with all learning styles using a hybrid of education teaching methods: Classical, Charlotte Mason, and Unit Study. Memory work is introduced and reviewed within the context of the appropriate subjects (classical/auditory). Children are given opportunities to explore each subject in a hands-on manner (Charlotte Mason/visual), and concepts are solidified on campus in the form of group games, projects, and activities (unit study/kinesthetic). By incorporating all methods, ROCK is better able to reach children with all learning styles and personalities.

This 3-legged model of community and study is true all the way through high school. ROCK Academy strives to provide an environment where students can be in a classroom setting that encourages and reaches out to those who learn best by experiencing and interacting with what they are learning. 

Primary (3rd-4th Grade)

Intermediate (5th-6th Grade)

Middle School (7th-8th Grade)

High School

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