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"Plan B" - A Special COVID-19 Message

Dear Friends,

Many of you are members of ROCK Academy, and some are merely exploring ROCK as a possible option for your family. This letter is to all of you regarding the fall. For those who don't know me well, you need to know that I am typically an optimistic person. I wear "rose-colored glasses". I LOVE happily-ever-after endings. This is important to understand regarding our fall "Plan B" - "What if....?" All of us are living in a time of uncertainty. We don't have all of the answers yet. And the people in authority over me don't have answers, and the people above them don't have answers...and on and on. In light of all that, I will provide this information to hopefully provide some reassurance for those tentative to sign up for ROCK Academy for the 2020-2021 year.

ROCK Academy is designed to be academic, yes, but also incredibly SOCIAL. As homeschool parents, you have already made the decision and commitment to be responsible for your child's education, but families join co-ops for socialization and friendships!!!

If fall rolls around and the state mandates are restrictive to learning and relationships, we probably will need to make a difficult decision to delay the start of our year; perhaps to January 2021? In addition, it would be far too much to manage making sure kids are wearing masks and staying apart when some kids can’t even remember to bring pencil to class!!!  Many co-ops are turning to online classes - which we may consider for high school, or perhaps middle school - but a Zoom class isn't the best means to nurture and develop friendships, and simply isn't practical for Kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd graders.

ROCK is a social organization, and if we can’t function that way, then it doesn’t make sense to meet. If the Governor of Minnesota or Grace Church implement restrictions or limitations that would hinder the purpose of homeschool children gathering, then classes would be cancelled and families would receive a FULL REFUND. 

There are many scenarios that play through my mind on how to still come alongside parents: perhaps you pay for the syllabus because you still want structure and a "plan" for schooling at home? Perhaps we just put ROCK on hold on a month-by-month basis? Perhaps we have to cancel for the fall but will be given a green light in January/February and can start a modified year at that point? But I can't think about those options yet; I can only think of Plan A.

If you decide to register now, but in August or September you sincerely don't feel safe attending ROCK Academy, you would receive a full refund.* If you do not feel comfortable with whatever health-related policies are established at that time, rather than feeling awkard, stressed and frustrated, it probably is better for your family to stay home, and know that we will be thrilled to have you join us when you feel more comfortable attending down the road.

In my rose-colored world, we will all be together in the fall where we can hug and gather in Home Room signing worhip songs together, and see each other's SMILES! But if not, I hope the assurance that ROCK Academy is looking out for your family finances as well as an education, helps you to move forward in registering at this time. 

Grace and Peace to you all!
Kristi Beil
Director and Founder of ROCK Academy

*Unenrollment notice must be given to the Director no later than September 18th to receive a full refund.