About Classes


REVIVE is a parent-led, interest-based co-op.

What does that mean?
It means that parents choose the classes offered in one of two ways: choosing a class that kids would love, or a class they would love to lead!

For example: Does your son love to build with LEGOS? You could lead a Lego class. Do you love knitting? Teach a beginning knitting class. It’s fun and easy! (And you only have to do it six times!)

The beauty of this model is that class options are always changing which keeps them fresh and fun. Six classes per session are like short, mini units that add flair to your homeschooling schedule without bogging you down. 

Fall 2021 Classes Sneak Peek

  1. Art
  2. Gym Games
  3. Music
  4. STEM - Lego Boost Robotics
  5. Math Games
  6. Five-in-a-Row
  7. High School Bible Study:The Bible Project www.bibleproject.com
  8. High School Discussion: How to Look at Current Events Through a Biblical Lens



Family Registration Fee*: $75 

Student Fee: $10 per child (nursery and children under 3 years are free)

All classes are free.
Most supplies are provided. (Exceptions are noted in the class descriptions)

*Each session is independent of each other. The Family Registration Fee must be paid for each session. Families who return for Session II pay only $50.)