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Articles, Magazines, and Blogs
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Karen Ehman writes on character qualities versus the outward appearance of our children's actions and academics.
Home School Enrichment Magazine
We have a heart and a burden for Christian homeschooling and homeschoolers. It is our desire to encourage, help, inspire, and uplift them. Also, look under their Resource tabs for lots of goodies.
Curricula and Reviews
Currclick.com - Curriculum in a Click!
Download a free e-book per week! Their products include e-books (lots for notebooking and lapbooking), videos, audio, and live classes.
Geography Matters
Geography Matters is a diverse home-based company owned and operated by Josh and Cindy Wiggers. We create, write, publish, laminate, and distribute a dozen books, 18 map titles, and 15 CD-ROMS.
Veritas Press
They provide classical, Christian curricula.
Destinations (Out of Town)
Colonial Williamsburg Homeschool Days
During the year, Colonial Williamsburg designates several weeks as Homeschooler Experiences.
Free Resources
Homeschool Share - Lapbooking
The site contains tons of completely FREE downloadables. There are loads of templates for lapbooking and unit studies. Browsing this site is worthwhile!
Ilike2learn.com's Free Online Geography Quizzes
Parenting and Other General Links
8 Goals for Preschool
Shirley Preschool Activities reminds us what's important in the early years!
Why Homeschool - Beginner Series (free download)
This is offered by Educational Support Foundation offers a few free, online workshops.
Reading: Lists, Programs, and Authors
Book Reviews for Parents from Focus on the Family
Atlanta Colt Youth Association - Football and Cheering
State of GA Performance Standards
But what are the GA standards? Every homeschool is different. What you teach your child in 2nd grade may not be at all what their friend going to a public or private school is learning. Still we always get the question...but how do you know what the standards are? So, according to the state of GA....here they are: