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About Our Group

  Who is HCHSA?
At the beginning I was only a little mass of possibilities. It was my
teacher who unfolded and developed them. ~Helen Keller

Hill Country Home School Association (HCHSA) is a Christian-based organization serving Kerrville and surrounding areas in the Texas Hill Country. Our Association is a place to build relationships and find homeschool support, resources, and encouragement for the adventure of educating our children. We are a non-profit 501c3 corporation established in 1994.

HCHSA is led 100% by volunteers. There is a Board of Directors made up of couples serving together to fill the roles of: President, Vice President, Secretary, Membership Director, Treasurer, CoOp Director, and Communications Director. Association officers are Hospitality Officer and Field Trip Officer. There are two “Standing Committees”, meaning they are always part of our organization as long as there are volunteers to lead them. They are part of our bylaws and cannot be removed without a majority of the parents at the annual parents meeting voting to remove them. Those two “Standing Committees” are: Student Council/Leadership and CoOp.

The Student Council/Leadership Team is overseen by a Parent Advisory Committee consisting of three adult positions. There are many leadership, service, and social opportunities available to students throughout the year. The CoOp is led by a Director and Leadership Team. Some families in HCHSA are involved in the CoOp (for an additional fee), while others participate in other CoOps, and some families choose not to participate in any CoOp. Our Association is diverse in our approaches while united in our desire to be the primary educators of our children.

The only way the Association functions is by the generous efforts of volunteers. The volunteer opportunities go well beyond the “official” positions listed above. Over the years parents have seen a need and met it by developing an event, program, meeting, serving opportunity, activity, etc. Some choose to host a “Teen Night” at their house, some have headed up “Little Olympics”, others have started a game night at a local eatery in town, others will plan a day at the park or the river. Our forum was designed to be a place where everyone can communicate; this is so that you can get your idea out there to share with the whole Association and encourage each other with your passions, gifts, and interests.
 When you pay the Association dues, what do you get? Among other things:
• You don’t homeschool alone:
    - Family gatherings
    - Field trip opportunities
    - Occasional Mom Nights
- Student leadership opportunities
- Student service opportunities
- Field Day
- Social events
    - Park days
    - Prom
• Website (forum, calendar, directory, etc.)
• Discount with THSC
• Access to a low cost CoOp, for an additional fee
    - Parents sharing resources and talents
    - Parents teaching each others’ children in their passions and expertise
    - Collectively learning together to encourage each other
• General Liability Insurance (for HCHSA events)

We encourage everyone to read the by-laws (available on the website under ‘About Us’) if you have not or even if you just want to refresh yourself.