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Helpful Links

Accelerated Christian Education
All About Learning Press
Alpha Omega Publishing (AOP)
Answers in Genesis
BJU Press
Berean Builders
BiblioPlan Classical History & Literature
Bob Jones University
Charlotte Mason ? http://www.charlottemason.com/
Curriculum and Bookstore
College Plus
Common Sence Press
DIVE - Digital Interactive Video Education
Excellence in Writing
Hands of a Child (Lapbooking)
HEP Bookstore & Home Education Partnership
Horizons Education Center
Institute For Creation Research
Lamplighter Publishing
LGS - Little Giant Steps
Where children, teens, and adults can reach greater heights in development, academics, and the workplace. Since 1992, Little Giant Steps has provided helpful solutions for accelerating learning abilities in individuals whether they are gifted or challenged.

Little Giant Steps offers:

* Articles providing free information
* Seminars providing free training
* Evaluations providing years of expertise for individualized situations
* Support through our experienced personnel
* Products and materials to equip families for success through neurodevelopmental activities which increase brain function
Memoria Press Classical Christian Education
My Father's World
One Year Adventure Novel
Rainbow Resource
Real Science For Kids
Robinson Self-Teaching Curriculum
Saxon Homeschool
State History by Helping Hand
Story of the World
Tapestry of Grace
Teaching Textbooks
The Potter's School
Total Language Plus
Video Text Interactive ? Easy-To-Understand Algebra & Geometry
Worldview Academy -
Write At Home
Web Freebies
Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project
Bringing yesterday's classics to today's children.
Homeschool Freebie of the Day
They provide educational resources of all types to download for free, one each weekday. Resources include: history, science, reading, early child instruction, experiments, cooking, herbal remedies, humor, family life, holidays, Bible, and much more.
Chore Management
Accountable Kids
Chore System
Chores Help Kids
The "I Did My Chores" tag system
Managers of Their Homes
Time management for all aspects of life for the homeschooling family
Local Resources
Butt-Holdsworth Library
Kerrville Library
FEAST - Family Educators Alliance of Southcentral Texas
Support Group and Homeschool / Curriculum Store in San Antonio, Texas
HCHSA- Hill Country Home School Association
Our local Support Group
San Antonio Home Education
HIS Science
Science Labs