REACH Monthly Events & Rules

Where and When: The location and dates are listed on the calendar (on the members only side of the website)

Who May Attend: Attendance at these events is limited to the REACH members only and only REACH homeschool students may participate.

Events Offered:
September  – Back-to-School Picnic
March – Bake Off and Brain Bee
April – Art Fair
May – Public Speaking Night

Event Rules: We are guests at any facility in which we meet. We are thankful for the use of these facilities and wish to be good stewards of the privilege we have been given. We also wish for the event to be a pleasant experience for all those attending.
1. Children must remain in the event area unless a specific activity is planned in an adjacent room.
2. Parents must supervise their children (including teens) at all times.
3. Parents and children must remain seated or otherwise appropriately participating in the event.
4. Any equipment in the meeting area not being used for the activity is OFF LIMITS.
5. Children must remain indoors to avoid injury and reduce the possibility of tracking in mud. 
6. Any phone is to be answered by designated persons ONLY.
7. Any sound system is to be operated by AUTHORIZED PERSONS ONLY.
8. Parents must supervise their children that wish to look at REACH library books (if the library is available).
9. Please honor the meeting dismissal time. This will allow adequate time to tidy up and close the building. All members in attendance should assist in cleaning up after the event as they are able to facilitate an efficient clean up.
10. If any REACH member finds a child in an area designated off-limits, please take that child to his/her parents or alert the leader. That child must then remain with the parents for the rest of the meeting, or the leader will ask the family to leave for the evening.

Upon acceptance of membership, members are acknowledging they have read the REACH monthly event rules and agree to follow them.