REACH Activity Guidelines

REACH Field Trip Guidelines
As homeschoolers, we are still a minority in the population, and therefore, will be watched closely and scrutinized, especially when in groups. We want to leave a good impression and pave the way for greater freedoms for all home educating families. Field trips should be fun for all, educational, and a testimony of good training for those watching.
1. Guests: We do not allow guests for REACH student activities. Field trips and enrichment classes are for REACH members only. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
2. Preparation: Parents are to prepare their children for field trips by researching the topic of the field trip and discussing it with them. Parents are to assist their students in preparing appropriate questions.
3. Registration: Parents are to register before the deadline with the appropriate person. No parent, under any circumstances, is to show up for a field trip or enrichment class without registering. If payment is due in advance, parents are not to wait to pay on the day of the field trip or enrichment class.
4. Cancellations: Parents are to be thoughtful about cancellations. If a parent makes a reservation and then discovers they cannot attend the field trip, they are to call the contact person immediately. Often there is a waiting list of families wanting to participate, or a minimum number of people needed to form a group. If the parent cancels after the reservation cut-off date, they should still expect to pay any fees involved for the field trip. If any family is a "no show" two times (twice they sign up for a field trip and do not show up for them) they will not be allowed to attend any further field trips for that school year.
5. Punctuality: Parents are to be punctual. Families are to be at least 10 minutes early for any field trip or enrichment class.
6. Appearance: Parents are to be sure their children are dressed modest and neat.
7. Age Appropriateness: Parents are only to bring children who are the appropriate age for the field trip. We recognize the exception of nursing babies.
8. Parental Involvement: Parents MUST stay with their own children, unless arrangements are made for another parent to supervise their children. This is not the time for parents to visit with each other. We are to remember that we are professional teachers, giving utmost attention to our students.
9. Student Behavior: All children must behave in a courteous and controlled manner, able to follow directions, walk in a single file line, remain silent and attentive while someone is speaking to them, and raise hands to ask or answer questions. Each participating student and adult is expected to respect and follow the leader’s directions. If you have a child that is not able to display these godly behaviors, do not sign them up for a field trip or enrichment class. In the event a child or parent becomes disruptive or behaves in a manner that degrades the Christian witness of the group, the offending family will be asked to leave immediately by the group organizer.
10. Liability: When applying for REACH membership, each parent has legally promised not to hold REACH, its board of directors, activity coordinators, and all hosting property owners from any claim arising out of injury to their family. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their own children to ensure safety and avoid accidents.
11.  Gratitude: Children and parents should express thankfulness to leaders and tour guides before and after the field trip. Thank you notes and small tokens of appreciation are always appropriate.

REACH Library Guidelines
Hours of Operation
The library is open during fellowship times at regular monthly meetings and at designated times during other events at the discretion of the board and based on staffing availability.
Checking out and Returning Books
1.First-time users of the library will be limited to one item.  If the item is returned timely, the user will have full privileges.
2.Check-out is until the following month’s regular meeting night, or as arranged with the librarian. Check-out and returns can be arranged at other times by calling the librarian.
3. Curriculum oriented books may be checked out for more than a month. You must specify for how many months you will have the book(s).
4. Please drop off books at the beginning of meetings.
5. Children viewing materials must be accompanied by a parent, and items may only be checked out by adults.
Overdue and Replacement Policy
1.Those with overdue items will have library privileges suspended until the items are returned. If items are significantly overdue, a fine may be assessed.
2. If a book is lost or significantly damaged, the user will be expected to replace the book or pay full price for a replacement.
1. If you would like to lend an item to the library, just indicate that it is "On Loan to the REACH Library". REACH will not replace books on loan that are lost or stolen.
2. The REACH board reserves the right to choose the appropriateness of books.
3. Monetary donations are welcome, too!

REACH Performance Guidelines
1. The performer will be dressed modestly, not scantily.
2. The performer will wear neat, clean clothes that are age and size appropriate, remembering that current fads may not be suitable.
3. The goal is that each performer will reflect good taste, which will be an encouragement and blessing to all.
1. The performer will reflect the ideals of REACH as stated in our name, acting in a manner that would bring honor to the group and not shame.
2. The performance will not be rowdy, wild, disrespectful or hurtful to others.
3. The performance will in no way give an appearance of evil. (I Thessalonians 5:22) For example, there will be no questionable language or seductive behavior.
4. The performance will not violate the REACH board statement of faith.
Enforcement of Standards
1. Violation of these standards will lead to immediate halting of the performance.
2. The coordinator of the activity and REACH board members that are present are responsible to enforce the standards and make the proper comments.

REACH Recreational Activity Guidelines
The following guidelines apply to all recreational events. If these guidelines are violated, the offender will be sent home.
1. Recreational activities are for REACH homeschooled students only. REACH family members that are not listed on the state reports that you submit because they attend another school are not allowed to participate in REACH student activities. No exceptions will be made to this rule.
2. REACH members are to be respectful of the property where the event is held and obey the rules of the facility.
3. Students are to be respectful to the coaches, leaders, and fellow players. Any student showing inappropriate behavior will be escorted to their parents to sit out of play for the night.
4. Parents MUST remain with their children (including teens) during recreational events, unless arrangements are made for another parent to supervise their children.
5. Dress is to be modest. NO bare midriffs, NO short skirts, and NO short shorts (soccer shorts are fine).
6. No rough play, chasing, or pushing.

REACH Meeting Guidelines
We are guests at any facility in which we meet. We are thankful for the use of these facilities and wish to be good stewards of the privilege we have been given. We also wish for the event to be a pleasant experience for all those attending.
1. Children must remain in the meeting area unless a specific activity is planned in an adjacent room.
2. Parents and children must remain seated or otherwise appropriately participating in the event.
3. Any equipment in the meeting area not being used for the activity is OFF LIMITS.
4. Children must remain indoors to avoid injury and reduce the possibility of tracking in mud. If the activity allows time to play outside, children are required to request permission from the coordinator of the event.
5. Any phone is to be answered by designated persons ONLY.
6. Any sound system is to be operated by AUTHORIZED PERSONS ONLY.
7. Parents must supervise their children that wish to look at REACH library books.
8. Please honor the meeting dismissal time. This will allow adequate time to tidy up and close the building.
9. If any REACH member finds a child in an area designated off-limits, please take that child to his/her parents or alert the leader. That child must then remain with the parents for the rest of the meeting, or the leader will ask the family to leave for the evening.