The History of REACH


For many years, a small, loosely knit group of homeschooling families in the Fargo-Moorhead area enjoyed meeting together for fellowship and encouragement. When homeschooling became legally acceptable in both states, the number of families grew. Dues became necessary to pay for a regular meeting place. Activities and events such as ice-skating and field trips were arranged.

The group expanded and attempts at becoming a little more organized came and went with varying degrees of success. Finally, at an August, 1994, meeting, parents agreed to become officially organized, complete with a name (Resources & Encouragement for Area Christian Homeschoolers) and a group of leaders that would oversee the framework of the organization. Those original leaders were: Jill Kandel, Roberta Knudson, Cam Leedahl, Pat Sojka, Sue Vaudrin, and Julie Walter. This group of women, with the support of their husbands, prayerfully researched the styles, strengths, and weaknesses of other homeschool support groups.

Others who have volunteered their time on the REACH board through the years were, Linda Fugleberg, Karen Buchan, Glenn Knudson, Arlo Leedahl, Jim Walter, Jeff & Sue Mueller, Steve & Bonnie Melquist, Doug & Michelle Roise, Shawn & Robyn Carlson, and Jeff & Dawn Kukert.

The present REACH board of directors is Jason & Allison Pettys and Todd & Sheila Vagle. REACH has no paid positions. The volunteer time and effort of the families that join make our organization successful.

REACH started with thirty member families in 1994, and membership numbers have varied over the years. REACH is incorporated in the state of North Dakota as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.