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An Overview of REACH Framework and Policies

The REACH board evaluates the framework and policies annually, appealing to the Lord for His direction and wisdom. The general framework may change and policies may be added or improved as needs in the group warrant. Members are encouraged to give input as desired at any time.

I.   Membership Requirements:

     A. Applicants must meet the REACH family definition and are interested in or actively engaged in private, independent home education.

     B. Payment of $20 annual dues. 

     C. Provision of at least one service to the group. (A board member will contact each member to discuss volunteer service opportunities.)

II.  Leadership:

     A. Requirements for election to the board of directors: 
        1. Has homeschooled at least three years and is home educating all their school-aged children.
        2. Has been an active member of REACH at least two years.
        3. Has been elected by the present REACH board.
        4. Has signed the statement of faith.

     B. Duties
        1. Oversee the carrying out of the purpose statement.
        2. Oversee functioning of group.
        3. Strive to maintain quality of leadership, the vision of the group, and harmony among the leaders.

III. How the Group Functions

     A. Finances:
        1. The annual dues cover, but are not limited to, facility rent, special speakers, student activities, and the purchase of library resources.
        2. Membership dues are non-refundable.

     B. Benefits:
        1. Available to members who have paid their dues and provide at least one service during the year.
        2. Website access for all group information, HSLDA discount, incentive programs, use of resource library, participation in field trips, and additional activities the members provide.

     C. Service Opportunities:
        1. Members are encouraged to use their skills and talents to aid, encourage, and inspire others.
           a. Spreading the burden helps prevent a few from carrying the entire load.
           b. "If members don’t do it, it doesn’t get done."
        2. Members indicate their desired area of service on the annual membership form. A board member will contact each member to discuss a service opportunity to be fulfilled.
        3. General job descriptions are included on the REACH private pages of this website.  Detailed descriptions may be given to the individual. Members are expected to be responsible in carrying out their duties.

     D. Monthly Meetings:
        1. Open to the public.
        2. Generally held at Bethel Evangelical Free Church, 2702 30th Avenue SW, Fargo.
        3. In order to maintain a good relationship with the church, we have set up rules of behavior for children and their parents. It is the philosophy of this group that parents are responsible for their children.
        4. Name Tag helpers promote a pleasant social experience.

     E. Field Trips:
        1. Field Trips are initiated and planned by volunteer Field Trip Organizers.
        2. A Field Trip Coordinator facilitates the planning of these events.
        3. Field trip rules are enforced.
        4. The release of liability form that each parent signs when they join REACH, places parents responsible for the safety of their children.

     F. Internet:
        1. A public website provides information on REACH events that are open to non-REACH members, membership, photo gallery, helpful links, homeschool law, and homeschool helps.
        2. A private website provides information for REACH members with information on our field trips, academic enrichment classes, sports/recreation, spelling bee, brain bee, bake-off, public speaking night, craft day, First Lego League team, B.E.S.T. Robotics team, and more.

     G. Resource Library:
        1. The Librarian oversees the operation of the library, with the help  of Library Assistants.
        2. Resources are donated or purchased with group funds.
        3. The leadership team may discern the appropriateness of the materials.

     H. Public Relations:
        1. Meetings and events open to the public are occasionally announced on area calendars.
        2. A brochure including information on the group is available and given to inquirers about the group.
        3. Spokespersons are provided for media interviews and for speaking at special events.         

     I. Legal Information:
        1. Legal services are not provided by REACH.
        2. Membership in HSLDA is encouraged with a 15% discount to REACH members.      
        3. Literature with legal information is provided at meetings and by request.
        4. Membership with MACHE (Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators) or NDHSA (North Dakota Home School Association) is encouraged to keep updated on information and changes in the law for each state.