REACH Library Use Guidelines

REACH Library Guidelines
The library is open during fellowship times at regular monthly meetings and at designated times during other events at the discretion of the board and based on staffing availability.
Checking out and Returning Books
1. Members may check-out up to ten items.
2. Normal check-out length is one month, but curriculum oriented books may be checked out longer. Please make arrangements with the librarian for an extension.
3. Please drop off books at the beginning of our meetings.
4. Children viewing materials must be accompanied by a parent, and items may only be checked out by adults.
Overdue and Replacement Policy
1.Those with overdue items will have library privileges suspended until the items are returned.
2. If an item is lost or significantly damaged, the user will be expected to replace the item or pay for a replacement.
1. If you would like to donate an item to the library, please email Sheila at
2. The REACH board reserves the right to choose the appropriateness of books.
3. Monetary donations are welcome, too!
Upon acceptance of membership, members are acknowledging they have read the REACH library guidelines and agree to follow them.