REACH Recreational Activities & Guidelines

Currently, REACH is able to offer baseball and soccer to our students.

Baseball is offered during the summer and is held at the Lindenwood Park baseball fields.

Soccer is offered during the summer and/or fall, depending upon volunteers willing to coordinate and assist with this activity. Soccer could also be offered in the spring. A family could volunteer to coordinate one or more seasons.

We would love to offer additional sports to our students! Members willing to coordinate another sport not mentioned here can contact Sheila at [email protected]

The following guidelines apply to all recreational events.
1. Recreational activities are for REACH homeschooled students only.
2. The electronic liability waiver for the family must be signed prior to participation.
3. REACH members are to be respectful of the property where the event is held.
4. Students are to be respectful to the coaches, leaders, and fellow players.
5. Parent or guardian MUST remain with their children (including teens) during recreational events.
6. Dress is to be modest.
7. No rough play, chasing, or pushing.
Upon acceptance of membership, members are acknowledging they have read the REACH recreational activity guidelines and agree to follow them.