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 To Be a Friday School Teacher!



We are so excited for the opportunity to co-op with homeschoolers in the Portland area. As we grow in membership and ideas, FCCP will have many things to offer, but the core of our co-op will always be found in Friday School.



What is Friday School?


Friday School is a wonderful one-day-a-week Christian cooperative program at the heart of the FCCP ministry. Our hearts are to come alongside, connect, encourage, lift up, and support homeschooling families (that's you!). We believe that God has equipped you with everything you need to educate you children at home. Our mission is to help build up a community of Christian homeschoolers that will help you go the distance.



Are All Parents Required to Teach?

You are not required to teach during your first semester at Friday School. However, returning members are required to teach, co-teach, or serve in a leadership position since we are dependent on our members to provide a variety of classes for our children, and we need leaders to keep our co-op running. We will be blessed to see how your gifts and talents will help other families in our home school community.



Friday school is for all homeschooling families!

Friday School works well because everyone is able to discover and use their strengths. No matter where you volunteer your time within the co-op, you are both needed and appreciated! Please take a look at our Handbook to find out all the volunteer positions available during Friday School. And don’t hesitate to think of new ways that the co-op can benefit from your areas of expertise.



What's the schedule like?

Friday School meets from 8:30am until 12:30pm for eight to ten weeks each Fall and Spring (depending on the calendar year and holidays). We begin with chapel each week from 8:30am-9:00am, and end the day with about 15-20 minutes of classroom clean up. In-between, the 1st through 12th grade students attend three consecutive classes that they had previously chosen during registration in either September or February. Between the second and third blocks of classes, we offer a 15 minute snack time. In the future, we hope to offer a group of classes in the afternoon geared specifically for high school students.



Chapel Attendance is Very Important

Chapel consists of singing, a short devotional, and announcements. Since it is the beginning of our day, it sets the tone, gives children a chance to worship with their families, and provides information crucial to the life of the co-op. We have an “On Time To Chapel” prize drawing every week for children and parents to further inspire families not to miss it!



How do the classes work?

Each block of classes is 55 minutes long. Our children ages first grade and above will move from class to class unassisted. To further help them we print their class schedule on the back of their nametags. If they can’t remember where they should go, a helpful Hall Monitor can safely guide them. Don’t worry, no one is ever left to wander unattended.



We keep our facilities spic and span!

Everyone helps with classroom clean up at the end of Friday School. All of our families also sign up to help just once each semester with common-area clean-up, which usually finishes no later than 1:00pm. By entire families participating in the clean up efforts, our children are learning about taking care of what God has blessed us with.