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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of FCCP?

A: Our heart is to come alongside, connect, encourage, lift up and give a unified voice to homeschooling families. We believe that as you are called to homeschool your children, it is important to have positive support surrounding you on your journey. Our mission is to help you build up a community of other Christian homeschoolers that will help you go the distance.


Q: What is a cooperative or co-op?
A: A cooperative, or "co-op", is a collaborative organization that is jointly staffed by all of our members. At FCCP, we count on all of our members to contribute their time, energy and talents by helping implement our programs, events and activities. The co-op has a leadership team under the supervision of the Central Bible elder board, who oversees the ministry and offers help and support where needed.

Q: What is the difference between a co-op and a support group?

A: One of the largest differences seems to be in the support of the parent (support group) versus support for the children (co-op). While we offer a tremendous amount of support to homeschooling families, in general, our main focus is our cooperative program, Friday School, through which we offer a program mainly for the benefit of the children. Support for the parents is mainly offered on occasion through outside activities such as workshops.
The Friday School co-op program relies entirely on the active involvement of its members and cannot function without it. There are many different ways you can become involved! Should the co-op not meet your needs for parental support, you may be able to find a more traditional support group that caters toward the parents, by contacting OCEANetwork for a listing of groups in your area.


Q: What is Friday School?

A: Friday School is the main function of FCCP. Co-op classes provide opportunities for fellowship and encouragement as well as academic and spiritual growth. Our classes, which include Nursery through High School, are taught in two 8-10 week semesters each year. One semester runs in the Fall, and the other in the Spring.


Q: Who can participate in Friday School?

Home schooling families whose oldest child is entering kindergarten may join the co-op. Our focus is fellowship and learning enrichment for school age children and their parents.  We do provide classes for younger children in the same family as well.


Q: What types of classes are taught at Friday School?

A: Because our classes are taught primarily by co-op members, this list varies from semester to semester. Some of our regularly offered classes are taught by outside teachers, but we try to limit these classes as they tend to be higher in cost. Our hope is to have the parents involved in the co-op share their gifts and passions with enrolled children in a safe and structured environment. See the end of this document for a sample list of class ideas.
If you are homeschooling already, you have figured out something wonderful about your calling: You are a teacher! Twice each year, you will have an opportunity to submit class applications for your chance to make a difference in your homeschool community.


Q: Are parents required to teach at Friday School?

A :New members who enroll their children in the co-op are NOT required to teach for their first semester, but are required to stay on campus for the entire co-op day and will be assigned a "volunteer job" somewhere during class hours. After the first semester, at least one parent is asked to teach or co-teach a class OR serve in a leadership position, since we are dependent on the willingness of parents to teach in order to offer a variety of classes.  Our class day begins at 8:30am with chapel (mandatory to attend), and ends around 12:15pm after three blocks of classes and a snack time.


Q: Is there a screening process for how instructors teach a class?

A: Because FCCP operates as an outreach ministry, anyone of any denomination or belief may attend. However, in order to teach a class, you must be willing to sign our Teacher Agreement in which teachers agree not to teach anything in direct conflict with our statement of faith.
When dealing with issues that differ between denominations, students will be directed back to their parents for answers. Examples would be details of baptism, speaking in tongues, etc.


Q: What are the safety policies of FCCP?

A: FCCP is a ministry of Glisan St. Baptist Church and operates under their safety policies. You may find the complete policy listed in the FCCP Handbook.
• Background checks are run on each participant in the co-op
• Accountability is insured through two adults being present in every class, especially with younger children.
• Discipline issues are handled according to the Discipline Policy listed in the FCCP Handbook.
• A hall monitor system is also employed. Hall monitors have class schedules and help the children find their classes, as well as keep an eye on the bathrooms and facility for safety.
• All doors to the building are locked once chapel begins at 8:30am to ensure that outsiders gain permission to enter
• All members and guests are required to wear a nametag while in the building during Friday School hours.


Q: Does the co-op ever hire outside instructors?

A: Yes. On occasion, a teacher may offer their services for a fee, but the co-op will remain mindful of keeping costs low for our participants. We encourage parents to teach, and we believe this promotes unity and participation in the co-op.


Q: Do you ever end up with older children teaching younger children?

A: Yes! If the older children want to teach, it's because they love to do it. Grandparents teach classes too! This is a family co-op, and we encourage and love it when all family members participate.


Q: Do you offer incentives to teachers?

A: Yes! The main incentive to teachers is that they are able to register their children first (sort of a go to the head of the line pass) on registration day. While this does not guarantee a student's first choice, it does give priority to the families who are willing to take more responsibility in the leadership of the co-op program.


Q: Will my child(ren) get into the classes they sign up for?

A: Not necessarily. Our parents who volunteer to teach are very valuable to us. One of the benefits is that they get to sign up for classes an hour before the rest of the co-op. Popular classes do tend to fill up quickly so it is advised that you arrive early. We highly recommend that every student list three class choices per block of classes. If the child's first choice is not available, they will be assigned their second choice and so on.


Q: What are the costs involved?

A: We try very hard to keep the costs low in FCCP. The main costs involved are annual membership dues of $50 to FCCP, and class fees for each semester of Friday School. The minimum class fee is $4 per class, but can be higher depending on the materials needed for any specific class. An example might be a cooking class with a class fee of $15 because of the ingredients the teacher would need to purchase.


Q: Why do you charge membership dues?

A: Dues allow FCCP to have a budget from which to operate. Some of the costs involved in our operation are:
♦ Facility fees (hospitality and cleaning supplies, licenses)
♦ Special events (Open Houses, Registration, BBQs, special speaker fees)
♦ Supplies (paper, ink cartridges, postage, library resources, etc.)
♦ Scholarship funds for those who are unable to afford membership or class tuitions


Q: Does my membership cover the entire family?

A: Yes, for the entire year, August 1st through July 31st. Members who join on or after January 1st, 2013 will receive their dues prorated through July.


Q: What should I do if I can't afford to participate?

A: FCCP is first and foremost a ministry to homeschooling families. As such, we never want money to stand in the way of you taking part in this program. If you are experiencing financial hardships, we ask that you please contact anyone within leadership to apply for a scholarship. Your application will be kept confidential.


Q: I am interested in joining the co-op. How do I sign up?

A: Member applications are available to download on our website, or you may contact the Membership Coordinator directly. You may also apply directly online.

See our Membership section of the website for more details.


Q: I am interested in teaching. How do I sign up?

A: Class applications are available to download on our website, or you may contact the Friday School Supervisor directly. You may also submit your Class Application online.

See our Friday School section of the website for more information.


Q: How do I get in touch with...?

A: All contact information is listed in our FCCP Handbook, or available on the website. You will find specific categories to help you know who to direct your questions/comments towards. We always want to hear new ideas and appreciate your input!


Q: How can I find out when FCCP activities are?

A: We try very hard to keep an updated list of events, activities, opportunities, and news on our website calendar. Mailings are also sent out occasionally, and e-zine newsletters are sent out on a regular basis.