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Drop Off OR Stay Program

How does the Drop-Off option work?

We have an administrator present at all times. When you bring your children to Truth Academy, you sign them in with the administrator who is fully aware of their schedule. You are then free to leave while your children are in classes.  

What is the Student Lounge?

If you want your children to take some classes, but not all of the classes we offer, you can register them in the Student Lounge option during the time they are not registered for a class (one student lounge time per student, per semester, is allowed).

The administrator is present in the Student Lounge with those students who have a free period between their classes and is fully aware of who is registered for lounge time each hour.

Can I stay with my child(ren)?

Parents are welcome to stay and attend classes with their children. We have parents who take advantage of the drop-off feature of our program, others who stay to attend classes with their children.

The lounge area is large and comfortably furnished, which is conducive for parents who want to stay on campus and use the time to fellowship with other parents and/or receive support from our staff. 

If parents are planning to be on-site with their child, they need to sign in with the administrator so that we have a record of who is present in the building and wear a name tag. Parents with students who have special medical or other needs may need to remain on-site with their student(s) (contact administrator for details).