Enrollment is closed as we have reached maximum capacity. Open House will be 03/24/2022!

What We Offer

Core and Elective Enrichment Classes

  • We offer a variety of a-la-carte classes for ages 5-18 taught by Christian instructors.
  • Our classes are designed to enrich your homeschool in language arts, public speaking, the arts, science, classical memory work and speech & writing.
  • Our upper-level classes focus on equipping students for their futures by teaching from a biblical worldview through gender-separated discipleship time, communications and writing, college credit prep courses, science labs, and more.
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College Credit Prep (CLEP/DSST) Classes (starting in 7th grade)

  • Paying for college does NOT have to be a financial crisis for your family!  There is a way to avoid the realities of astronomical college costs and debt.
  • We offer homeschool classes to help you understand and prepare for CLEP exams.
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A drop-off or stay program with a student lounge option

  • We offer a flexible program that allows parents to take advantage of the drop-off option or stay on campus to attend classes with their children or use the time for fellowship with other parents.  
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Parent prayer support & book study opportunities

  • Our weekly parental support time offers opportunities for fellowship with other homeschooling families, book studies, guided discussion and information on practical resources to aid our community.
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Scrips program available to lower class fees

  • Because Truth Academy is a nonprofit organization, we have the opportunity for our families to reduce their fees by their optional participation in the scrips program. 
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Our host church, Calvary Memorial, supports us, encourages us, and provides our fantastic facility which allows us the following added benefits:

  • Gym available for use during Student Lounge
  • Playground and gym available for use 15 minutes before the first and after the last class, with parent supervision, for students of all ages to interact with one another
  • Large lending library with quality books & videos available for check-out, including a vast collection of creation science materials

Ways to connect with other homeschool families

  • Calendar of upcoming homeschool and community events automatically sent to members
  • Access to resources about field trips, outdoor programs, plays, camps, community and homeschool programs all around the metro area