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Parent Support

Parent Prayer Support

We desire to lift our families up in prayer on a regular basis.  Families have the opportunity to submit prayer requests.  On a weekly basis, one of our staff members welcomes any parent to join in and leads a prayer group.  This time is an important part of our community as we believe in the power of prayer and desire to support and encourage our families in this way. 

Parent Book Study Time

We also offer a weekly group book study and discussion time.  Each semester we choose a book and/or DVD study with a faith-based message focused on parenting, homeschooling, relationships, and children.  We spend time in active discussion, sharing experiences, struggles, and ideas in an effort to support and encourage one another.  This time is important to our community as it creates an atmosphere of friendship and support.

Fellowship with Others

In addition to the prayer time and the book study time, we are fortunate to have a large, comfortable lounge area that provides an excellent space for parents who decide to stay onsite. Many parents stay to relax, connect, and spend time together in our lounge area.