Wausau Area Home Educators (WAHE) Wausau Area Home Educators (WAHE) Wausau Area Home Educators (WAHE) Wausau Area Home Educators (WAHE) Wausau Area Home Educators (WAHE) Wausau Area Home Educators (WAHE)

Guidelines for Attending WAHE Events


Anyone planning an event should refer to the appropriate event planning guide for information on scheduling, posting an event on the calendar and the forum, using sign-ups, etc. Whenever possible, activity leaders should start an activity with prayer. Should you be unable to lead your activity, please make arrangements for someone to take your place so that the activity is not cancelled.


WAHE Members are responsible to make reservations for activities with the appropriate person and pay any registration fees.


WAHE Members are responsible to alert the activity leader immediately regarding any changes. There may be a waiting list of families wanting to participate. If not, you are welcome to offer your position to other families via the forum. Note: after the reservation deadline, any necessary fees are non-refundable.


Make every effort to be 10 minutes early for an activity.

Age Appropriateness

WAHE attempts to sponsor activities in facilities that will allow for the widest age-range of involvement. However, there are certain facilities that impose strict age restrictions. As you sign up, please be mindful and respectful of those restrictions.

Parental Involvement

Parents must stay with their own children unless arrangements are made for another parent to supervise them. Your children must have a parent or guardian present in case of a medical emergency. This policy does not apply to activities for which the parent had paid a community organization to teach classes for their children, such as the YMCA. However, it would be best for you to ask the leaders in those situations to make certain it is acceptable for you to leave the premises. After the event, please help clean up and check around for personal possessions.


Should the weather cause the WAUSAU PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT to close for the day, all WAHE Events for the day will be canceled as well.  Other cancellations or changes to schedules will be posted on the WAHE Forum.


Before each activity, discuss with your children proper behavior, appearance, etc. We expect that our children will behave in a courteous manner, follow directions, and be careful in their treatment of property. In the event that a child becomes disruptive or behaves in a manner that is harmful to the group, the offender will be asked to leave.


It is the nature of children to learn by exploration. To ensure safety and avoid accidents, parents are responsible for the supervision of their own children. In the event a child damages anything, the parents will be responsible for restitution.