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  • Pre-registration and enrollment are closed for the 2021-2022 school year. Please check back in mid-May of 2022 for instructions on how to join us next year. 


The Lancaster Learning Link purposes to be an extension of your home school by providing academics that can be difficult to do individually in a home environment. We do this by linking you with instructors who have knowledge, experience, enthusiasm for teaching, and a dedication to applying their knowledge in a Christian context.

We are excited about beginning our nineteenth year of operation with the 2021-2022 school year and invite you, as junior and senior high students, to join us. We are not an accredited school. While we cannot award credit for high school classes taken, our teachers do provide sufficient academic instruction for your parents, the homeschooling teachers, to award a credit for each high school class you take. This instruction is provided through seventy-five minute classes attended weekly and by homework done throughout the week.

The Link is indeed that, a link. We offer you the opportunity to connect with teachers in areas with which you need help, more inexpensively than by hiring a tutor. 

It is our desire to continue to have as our foundation for this endeavor the wisdom of our Lord. Please join us as we encourage everyone participating to grow in knowledge, wisdom, and righteousness.


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Dual Credit Information

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