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Collierville Homeschool Support Group Guidelines

Please note that your completion of this application process constitutes your acceptance of these guidelines.

Please read through our FAQs to the left before you register.

Purpose Statement:  We exist to glorify God first in all that we say and do.  Our goal is to equip homeschooling families with any information needed, provide activities for our kids to interact with one another & encourage & support each other as we travel through this homeschooling journey together.


Group Verse:  “Therefore encourage one another & build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”  I Thessalonians 5:11

We are a Christian group, but welcome any homeschooler who would like to join us. We don't have a bunch of rules and guidelines, mainly just to treat others with respect, be kind and plan one event a year (and that can just be a park day, so don't stress about that!). Members who treat other members poorly will be removed.


To join the Collierville Homeschool Support Group, please fill out this online form.

During meetings and events, please mingle; this helps our visiting/new members feel welcomed!

We have these age groups in our group (Elementary-Kindergarten-4th grade, Tweens-5th-8th grade, and High School-9th-12th grade). 


Membership requirements:

~ First time homeschoolers or those new to our group: nothing for the year except help when you come to an event.

~ All other members have to plan at least one party, field trip, or activity (craft day, etc.) within this school year. When you request membership and send in your payment, you will be emailed an approval into the group.

~ You can plan a large event (like Christmas, Valentine’s or a Family all ages event) with 2-3 others and that will count.

~ Helping does not count as your requirement, as you are expected to help as needed at an event that you and your children are attending.

~ Remember, you can plan an age specific event, (Elementary K-4th, Tweens 5th-8th; High School) whole group event, field trip, craft day, theatre event, etc. You do not have to know exactly WHAT you are planning; but begin thinking about it when you join so you can plan ahead.

~ If you are a member with extreme family situations, just let us know and we will gladly welcome you as a member without any event responsibility from you until you are able.

~ If you don’t plan or execute your event, you will not be allowed to rejoin the next year.

~ If you feel you cannot plan/lead an event, you can contact us about other volunteer opportunities available.

~ Dues of $10 per family are due before you can be approved for membership. If paying that is a problem, please just let us know!


Website Forum

The website forum is the message board used by members to post info relevant to the group

  • The website is available only to current, dues paying members of the group.
  • Save your website user ID & password
  • The members list is maintained on the website under Families. PLEASE DO NOT give copies of this list to people outside of the group!
  • The website forum should be used for encouragement & support, questions, prayer requests, general group information & any subject pertaining to homeschooling. There is a classified section also! Any forum topic not pertaining to homeschooling should go under “Off topic”. Please respect each other and be respectful in your posts.
  • All emails need a good description in the subject line. This will help members quickly identify & read emails important to them & delete emails that are not relevant to them/their children. Don’t post SPAM on the loop.
  • Calendar function; ALL members can post calendar entries so please enter your event info there for the event you are planning. If you hear of  a great class coming up, make a calendar entry about it! You can even have people sign up online for your event and make coordinating easy for you! If you need any help with the calendar, email and we would be happy to help you!



  • Field trips are organized by individual members of our group and can be for the whole group or age group specific
  • BE ON TIME – there will be a 5-minute wait window, after that the field trip/party, will have to begin without you.
  • Review appropriate group/field trip behavior & any event- specific rules with your child before arrival. Remember that you and your children are representing the larger homeschooling community.
  • If you can not attend the field trip due to an emergency, please cancel your online sign-up and contact the organizer for that specific field trip so someone else might attend in your place. Many field trip opportunities are dependent upon the number of attendees so a head count is important. When on field trips, the event lead is not allowed to wait longer than 5 minutes beyond their posted time of arrival or pay for anyone who hasn't shown up yet. As the event coordinator, please do not do this as this has caused problems in the past; people try to be nice and wait at the expense of the rest of the group that is there on time.
  • If you have organized the field trip & are unable to attend, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with someone else to be the coordinator for that field trip.
  • You can sign up on the calendar entry on our website; simply add your name and other info to the event entry.
  • Please thank the person who planned the event and have your children thank them too!
  • Please wear your blue Collierville Homeschool Group shirt on field trips; we will place another group order in September; payment info will be sent then.



  • Sign-up & payment deadlines are firm – please be respectful of the people planning these events. Sign up & pay in a timely manner so they know how many to plan for. Most sign-ups must be done 1 week before an event.
  • If payment is not received by the payment deadline, you will have to be removed from the list.
  • Cash or checks made out to the member of the group who is setting it up. All payment info will be posted on the calendar entry. 
  • No Refunds….period. Once you have committed to coming to an event/party you are responsible for payment.
  • Any money collected for any activity should go by the following guidelines:

As the planner of the event, please budget your party at a cost of no more than $2 per participant (unless it is an event at a place who sets the price, like a paint party or something). Once everyone has paid you, then buy your materials with the money you have collected. If you need people to bring a snack to share, add that to your calendar entry. You should budget a little extra so that you do not have to pay for your own children to participate in the party as a perk to you for setting it up. Please do not pay for someone or budget for someone to pay you that day; too many times the coordinator has ended up paying for someone who didn't show up or pay them back. We want you to want to plan something again!          



     Elementary functions are NOT drop-off’s.

  • Should you be unable to attend or need to leave at any time during a function, you are responsible for finding an adult to supervise your child(ren). Please let the child know who is looking after them.  Due to the growth of our group, group leaders cannot be responsible & will not be held liable for children left unattended during an event.


TWEEN (5th-8th grade) & HIGH SCHOOL (ages 14-& up) GROUP FUNCTIONS

  • TWEENS & TEENS want their space - If you are having an older sibling drop off/pick up your tween, please be sure they have somewhere else to go during the party.  Only kids in this age range will be allowed to stay for the event.
  • All events are well chaperoned.
  • Appropriate attire is required at all times.  (i.e. no string bikini’s at the pool parties)


Suggested age groups:

Elementary Grades K-4th and siblings welcome at most events!

Tweens Approximately grades 5th-8th (these events work better with just tweens there so they can have their own time together, but judge each event accordingly). Most of these will be drop off events and are well-chaperoned.

High School 14 years old -12th (9th-12th); drop off events just for teens; well chaperoned.

You will need to sign your child up as their age group by their grade and stick to that age group for the year so they can grow friendships. It is tempting to put your 4th grader into the tween group, but that is for 5th grade. If most 4th graders move up, there will be some left by themselves in the Elementary group. 


If you are a past member, membership will be approved once payment has been received through PayPal below for $11 or cash or check brought to our meetings. ($10)

If you have not been a member in the past, but list two area homeschoolers as references, membership will be approved once payment has been received through PayPal below for $11 or cash or check brought to our meeting for $10Since you are a new member to our group, you DO NOT have to plan and lead an event this year. However, please feel free to!

If you have not been a member in the past and do not list other area homeschoolers as references, please bring your payment to one of our meetings so your membership can be approved. Membership will be approved once payment has been received through PayPal below for $11 or cash or check brought to our meeting for $10; Since you are a new member to our group, you DO NOT have to plan and lead an event this year. However, please feel free to!

You will be notified via email when you can log in. 

Make sure you save the user name and password you enter because you will need them to log in.

If you have any questions, please email us at


***Below where it says Sections, please click on those that are applicable to you (Elementary if you have an Elementary-aged child, etc.) this is just so we can email people in certain groups!*** Please do not click leadership


*updated 6-2015

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