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Church Related School (CRS)


Homeschooling through a CRS (Church Related School)

This is the second option for homeschooling in TN. In a nutshell: you align yourself with a Church Related School (by signing up) and in doing so, you are declaring yourself a 'satellite campus' of that school. This fulfills the legal requirements of the state of TN for schooling at home. The CRS will usually not require any certain curriculum, but may require the submissions of grades and/or testing. You are not required to visit the school at any time. 

There are many CRS's available to families in TN. Some of the most popular are listed here, but a Google search will give you more options.


Each CRS is slightly different. Most do not require any specific curriculum; you choose. Most offer very good telephone or online support for your questions. Most are very inexpensive, but some are quite costly. Many have online payments, registration, and record keeping available. Some offer testing, graduation, diplomas, transcripts. Many require a Statement of Faith and indication that you have talked with experienced homeschoolers or attended a conference.


These are the most popular with members of BCHE.


Home Life Academy (HLA)

P.O. Box 34758  Memphis, TN 38184
Hours: 8-4 M-F
PHONE: 1-888-560-0774 901-380-9220 
FAX: 901-380-9220 David Parkerson 
Website:  http://www.homelifeacademy
Other Information:
Based in Memphis, HomeLifeAcademy offers parents the freedom to choose their own books and custom design a learner-centered educational plan to meet the needs of each individual student. From K5 to graduation, HLA provides record keeping, transcripts, counseling, diplomas, college placement and more, allowing parents to do what they do best, TEACH! For only $50-70 dollars a year  you will have access to instant online registration, grade reporting, portfolios, and more.


Gateway Christian Schools
P. O. Box 280117
Memphis TN 38168
(901)454-1606 9-3pm Central time M-F Fax: 901-454-9814
Leo Crofford, Administrator  Greg Stablein, Home Education Coordinator
E-mail:  gateway_@bellsouth.net  home_ed@bellsouth.net 
Website:  http://www.gatewaychristianschools.com 
Other Information: From letter to enrolling parents for the '01-'02 year: "...we do require that all enrolled home-educating families be Christians, recognizing the absolute deity of Jesus Christ and accepting His Lordship over every area of their lives including the education of the children." and " we do not give approval for those who are not active in church."


Family Christian Academy
487 Myatt Drive Madison, TN 37115
(615) 860-3000
Ron Scarlata
E-mail:  School@familychristianacademy.com 
Website: http://www.familychristianacademy.com 

How do I enroll with them?

Phone each of them, or visit their websites.