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Enrichment Co-op Information

Important Information for the 2021-2022 BCHE Enrichment CO-OP

Thank you all for your interest in the BCHE Enrichment Co-op. I hope you all find this information very helpful as it pertains to what the Co-op has to offer for your family and how you can get involved in this cooperation!

Enrichment CO-OP SCHEDULE:

  • The BCHE Enrichment Co-op meets at Clingan Ridge Baptist Church on Thursdays from August to November in the fall and January to April in the spring.

  • HOURS: The enrichment co-op meets from 9:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M. 

  • SESSIONS: The fall session will last 9 weeks, which includes a mandatory orientation day for all co-op members the morning of September 9th at Clingan Ridge. While parents attend a short meeting, students will meet their teachers during an abbreviated class session from 9:30 A.M. -10:30 A.M.

  • CLASS DIVISIONS: Nursery (2-year-olds and under), 2 ½ - 3 year old Preschool – one path, 4 year old Preschool – one path, Kindergarten – two paths, 1st/2nd grade – two paths, 2nd/3rd grade – one path, 3rd/4th grade – two paths, 5th/6th grade – two paths, and middle school which consists of 6th-8th grade.

  • Preschool through 5th/6th grade will have three classes with one hour of instruction time per class. The students in preschool through 5th/6th grade will stay in the same classroom for the three hours of instruction. Homework or uncompleted class work for this age group may be sent home by the teacher, however, completion of the work is optional. Parents may decide whether they feel their student needs to complete the assignment.

  • The students in the 6th – 8th grade classes (middle school) will take two classes in a session with each class lasting an hour and a half (1 ½) hours in length to allow for more in-depth study. They will then change classes for their second class if it is located in a different classroom from their first class. The teachers of the 6th- 8th grade classes may also assign required homework to prepare the middle school students for the rigors of high school.


  • Registration for the entire co-op year takes place in June at 9:00 P.M. at the dates shown below. First priority will be given to the teachers and second priority to families signing up for both sessions. If space is still available, a final week of registration will be opened for families wishing to sign up for only one session. Below are the tentative registration dates:

June 7th - Registration begins for teachers*
June 14th - Registration begins for year-long attendees*

*These registrations are typically in June but for 2020-2021 the dates were altered due to the COVID-19 cancellations

Note: In order to register for the Enrichment Co-op, you must become a member of BCHE and submit an Enrichment Letter of Commitment prior to registration. Both of these must be completed during the months of April and May which is prior to registration for the classes. The BCHE membership page can be found HERE. The Enrichment Co-op Letter of Commitment form is found on the BCHE website under the BCHE Co-op drop down menu, or you can find it HERE.

  • Cost: We try to keep the cost of co-op as close as possible to $25 per child, per semester plus any special supply fees that a teacher might require. Parents will know of any extra fees that a class may require by the time of registration.

  • Membership: BCHE membership will be open April 1st for the following year, and will need to be taken care of prior to registration otherwise you will not be allowed to register for BCHE Co-op.

  • Payment deadlines: Payment for both sessions are due in June at the time of registration through the use of Paypal. If payment is made by check, please email Ellen Gill and mail the check with a printout of the family’s registration page to Ellen Gill, BCHE treasurer. If the treasurer has not received your check within two business days, the registration will be cancelled so that we can offer that spot to another student.

  • Refunds: There are not refunds if you decide to cancel your registration.

  • Personal Information: Prior to registration, PLEASE make sure that all of your personal information is correct and up-to-date on the BCHE website. Just select “Edit My Profile” and make all necessary changes (address, phone numbers, new additions to the family, and FULL NAMES of all your children). Having your correct information is crucial to your successful registration. Make sure all your children’s allergies are accurately listed as well.

  • Enrichment Co-op dates: We typically start the fall sesson the second week of September and end the second week of November.The spring session will begin the fourth week of January and end the fourth week in March.  Please see the BCHE calendar for the exact dates. 

  • Enrichment First Day/Orientation: Designated teachers will be prepared to meet their class for a class period on September 9th during the mandatory orientation meeting. This is the perfect time for your student to meet their teacher, meet other students in their class, and receive instruction from their teacher. This will be a shortened version of a regular co-op day. Orientation day has been very helpful in the past in order for the first day of co-op to run more smoothly.

  • Questions: If you have any questions in regards to the enrichment co-op, please contact Holly Earhart at [email protected]