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CRS Church Related School Info

Church-Related School (CRS)

In a nutshell: you align yourself with a Church-Related School (sometimes referred to as “umbrella school”) and in doing so, you are declaring yourself a 'satellite campus' of that school. This fulfills the legal requirements of the state of Tennessee for schooling at home. The CRS will usually not require any certain curriculum, although may require the submissions of grades and/or testing. You are not required to visit the school at any time.

There are many umbrella schools available to families in Tennessee. Two of the most popular are listed here, but a Google search will give you many more options.

Each CRS is slightly different. Most do not require any specific curriculum; you choose. Most offer great telephone or online support for your questions. Most are very inexpensive, but some are quite costly. Many have online payments, registration, and record keeping available. Some offer testing, graduation, diplomas, transcripts, etc.

These are the most popular with members of BCHE. Please visit the CRS website or contact them directly for information about how to enroll.

HomeLife Academy (HLA)

P.O. Box 11688

Memphis, TN 38308

Phone: (888) 560-0774

Website: http://www.homelifeacademy.com

About HomeLife Academy (from their website):

HomeLife Academy is a non-traditional K-12 private school and ministry serving thousands of homeschool families for nearly 15 years. Our homeschool diplomas have been accepted by colleges and universities all over the nation, from the University of Central Florida to Ivy League colleges to the Air Force Academy.

Also known as an umbrella or cover school, HomeLife Academy’s goal is to help give homeschooling families the freedom and flexibility to choose the best educational options for their child while benefiting from the many services that come from enrolling in a school like HLA. Our goal is simple: provide support, record-keeping, and counseling services, to help “Light the Fires” of education in your children and encourage you – the parent – to keep steady on the journey.

Gateway Christian Schools

P. O. Box 280117

Memphis TN 38168

Phone: (901) 454-1606

Website: http://www.gatewaychristianschools.com

About Gateway Christian School (from their website):

Gateway is a Christian school with three programs from which parents and legal guardians can choose. We have a traditional CAMPUS SCHOOL meeting daily at our Macon Road location in Memphis. We have an EXTENSION PROGRAM in which students come to one of our centers, pick up self-instructional curriculum materials, study these under parental supervision, and then come for tutor help or to take weekly tests. Finally, we have a TOTAL HOME EDUCATION PROGRAM for parents who accept full responsibility for the education of their children.

Gateway is fully accredited by the National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance. Academically, Gateway by its membership in the Association of Christian Schools International (A. C. S. I.) is recognized by the State of Tennessee as a Category IV school and is entitled to the rights and benefits provided in the 1976 Education Bill, Chapter 52.