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CRS Church Related School Info

Church-Related School (CRS)

One of the other most popular ways to legally register to homeschool in Tenessee is by registering with a Church-Related School. With this option, you align yourself with a Church-Related School (sometimes referred to as “umbrella school”) and in doing so, you are declaring yourself a 'satellite campus' of that school. This fulfills the legal requirements of the state of Tennessee for schooling at home. The CRS will usually not require any certain curriculum, although may require the submissions of grades and/or testing. You are not required to visit the school at any time. The CRS takes care of notifying the local school system that your child is homeschooling so you do not have to submit anything to the local schools. You will need to re-enroll or register with the CRS every year. 

Each CRS is slightly different. Most do not require any specific curriculum; you choose. Most offer great telephone or online support for your questions. Most are very inexpensive, but some are quite costly. Many have online payments, registration, and record keeping available. Some offer testing, graduation, diplomas, transcripts, etc.

These are the most popular with members of BCHE. Please visit the CRS website or contact them directly for information about how to enroll. There are many more CRS in the state of Tennessee. For more information, please visit this page of the TN Dept of Ed website.  

Updated 03/2024