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New Families Welcome Letter

Dear Prospective Family,

We are pleased that you have an interest in The Learning Tree Homeschool Group! Our group provides homeschooling families with Christian-based enrichment and supplemental classes in a group setting. All homeschooling families with at least one child kindergarten age and up are welcome. Families with only preschool age children or younger can be added as space allows, but are not added until later in registration week once we see if space allows.


Please bookmark our website and check frequently for class registration and calendar events. 

Here you can find our handbook as well as a link to class registration showing our current or upcoming class offerings. You must be a registered family in order to register your children for classes. 

The FAQ’s tab at the top of our home page offers the answers to many frequently asked questions. 


Enrichment Classes

The Learning Tree Homeschool Group offers a variety of classes for children in preschool through high school. The classes are divided by age groups. As a general guideline, the maximum class size is set at 12 students for the younger grades and 15-20 for the older grades. There is also a nursery available for those members who are teaching classes as well as for those who are volunteering.

Field Trips

Each session we offer a variety of field trips for our students and their families.  Whether it is a tour of the State House, an exhibit at a local museum, a hands-on experience in science, a local production of a play, or a visit to one of the many local parks, our field trips add additional enrichment experiences and a lot of fun!

Organized Events

Our homeschool group provides community and connection, to ensure our students get to participate in many activities beyond classes and field trips.  


Each session we organize an end-of-session Showcase event that highlights what our students have accomplished during the session.  

Teen Nights - Spring Formal

For our teens, we provide an opportunity to hang out and enjoy time with each other outside of the classroom, with a variety of activities.  From bowling to pizza parties to pumpkin patches to game nights, our teens love getting together to just hang out!

Each Spring, we host a Spring Formal Dance.   It’s a fun-filled event for our older students and a great chance to dress up, socialize, and create some great memories.

Community Support

Our special projects committee works to provide opportunities for community support through our host church, Reynoldsburg Nazarene, as well as other groups. 



Classes are offered during two separate 10-week semesters. In the fall semester, classes begin in September. In the spring semester, classes begin in February. You can choose to attend one or both semesters. We meet on Thursdays from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM. You can choose to attend just one or more hours of classes, up to all day.

Our current or upcoming session’s planned class schedule (depending on the time of the year) can be found at this link on the website.

Please note, classes are marked as "closed" on the grid if registration week is not yet open OR if registration week is past - "Closed" does not mean the class is full. To see details on classes, including class fees, click on the class name on the grid.


The Group meets at Reynoldsburg Church of the Nazarene, 1340 Crest Road, in Reynoldsburg. 


The Learning Tree Group is a Christian organization, run by families that participate. We are a community foremost, not a drop-off, child care, or replacement school or educational service. We exist to support and encourage one another in our home education journeys. Each family plays an important role in its operation. As a “co-operative” group we depend on our members to volunteer each semester. 

To provide a varied range of classes for each grade level/age group, the co-op needs many teachers to teach one or more classes (first time members do not teach but are vital in other roles). If you are not teaching, you are required to volunteer in some capacity each week. If you attend one hour of classes, you will volunteer one hour per week in the same role. If you attend two or more hours of classes, you will have two volunteer spots per week. 

Volunteer positions include (just for some examples): classroom helper, nursery helper, cleaning/sanitation, door monitor, lunch set up and clean up, and floats who fill in positions as needed. 

Each family is also asked to be on one of our event or activity committees to help share the workload for co-op activities and to make sure desired events occur. There is a board (also all-volunteer/unpaid) that facilitates the group.  As you can see, we do a lot together, and with the help of all families we can accomplish the tasks necessary to run the group successfully.


The Fall session dates run September through November. The Spring session dates are February through April. Sessions are ten weeks of classes with one break week. 

Scheduling for classes is one month prior to the start of each session, on the dates as noted on the website’s homepage under “Registration Dates” column.  

In order to register for classes when the new member registration window opens during registration week, new members must:

  1. Attend the required New Member Meeting which is held the week prior to registration on a Thursday; and

  2. Be a registered family and have paid the family session fee by Tuesday of registration week.


Families pay $30 per family per session to be a registered family, which goes toward building rental, insurance, website, and office/cleaning supplies. This fee must be paid before class registration opens. (If you do not find open classes during your registration window, this fee will be refunded. However, we highly encourage new members to find another class to register for, even if it is not a first choice, because then their next session they will have returning family priority registration.) 

Classes have their own individual fees, which are paid directly to the class teacher from the  website. All class fees must be paid by the close of registration week (unless arrangements are made with the class teachers), otherwise the class registrations will be canceled and the student spots offered to waitlisted students. 

Clicking on a class box on the Class Registration grid opens up details about the class, including the class description and class fee.


New members will be able to register their family and pay the session fee after attending the New Member meeting and not until that date. The session fee is paid by each family for each session attended. 

The link to register for the new member meeting  will be emailed to you after requesting to be added to the Interested Family list. 

The New Member Meeting is a critical part of your orientation. We cover how our Group works and expectations of each family. This meeting will help us get to know each other and introduce you to our group, to know if the group will be a good fit for your family or not, prior to registering and paying for classes. We also go over the process of class registration (occurs the week following the meeting).  Children are welcome and encouraged to attend with you; however, no child care is provided. 

We look forward to getting to know you and your family if you choose to join the Learning Tree Homeschool Group!

- The Learning Tree Board