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Proposed Co-op Classes 2020-21

Wondering what classes are being offered next year? Here is a link to a list of proposed class offerings. Please keep in mind this list changes frequently and classes can be withdrawn. The co-op class schedule is not finalized until late June/early July.

We are a Christian parent-led co-op which means the vast majority of our classes are taught by volunteer parents. We can only offer what parents are willing to offer to fellow families. As such, our class day varies from year to year as what parents feel led by God to teach varies. We are thankful for the gifts and talents of our parents teachers and their willing hearts to serve our class day families in this way.

2020-2021 FAQ & COVID Waiver

FAQs relating to COVID for the 2020-2021 year can be found here.

NEW! Please be aware that all memberships will not be activated until a signed COVID waiver is received. 

You will be able to register for classes on either 8/3 (teachers), 8/4 (privately homeschooling families) or 8/5 (public homeschooling families). The date and time for registration will appear on the right hand corner of any class description indicating when you are able to enroll. If this does not appear, you have not registered and paid your co-op facility fee. This must be completed by 7/31 in order to register for classes when enrollment opens. Any late registrations will not be processed until after enrollment has opened. You can pay your facility fee here beginning 6/1.

Please be sure to make sure that your students have been added under your family profile as a child. You will be unable to enroll your student unless your have set up the child profile. Be sure to select the correct grade and input a birthdate. Click here to review and edit your family profile. 

For any questions, please contact JJ at


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Class fees are invoiced to your family account at the the time of reigstration. You can check your balance by clicking on Balance at the top right menu bar. 

These fees are due in full by 8/31 in order to hold your registrations. Any students with unpaid fees will be dropped from the enrollment and will need to re-register for the class and be added to the bottom of any waiting list. Class fees are due at the time of registration for any classes that you register for after 8/31. Payments for student, parent-alumni and outside teacher -taught classes should be made directly to the instructor no later than the first day of co-op.

Classes with Outside (O) or Student (S) instructors will show up on your registration summary with a ZERO class fee if the instructor is collecting the class fee directly. 

Refund policy: If you do not receive the classes you desire and withdraw your registration prior to the first day of co-op, the co-op facility fee will be refunded. A full refund of class fees will be given for classes that are canceled. 

If a class is dropped on or after the first session, the amount of the refund must be negotiated with the teacher as some of the funds may already have been spent on materials.

Please carefully read each online class description for additional refund policies set by individual teachers for their individual classes.

When you join a Moms in Prayer group, you’re not just gathering with a supportive group of like-minded moms who understand your struggles and share your passion for your children. You’re becoming part of a much bigger story of prayer for the children of the world.

Joleene Burts, homeschooling mother of two (ages 8 and 6), will be facilitating this structured prayer time. You’ll receive your own Moms in Prayer Booklet to help guide you through praying for our homeschools and children.

No registration is necessary. Come and join us whenever you can. We will meet at the picnic tables at 11 AM.

You do not have to be a part of class day to come and participate in this group.

A time to connect with other moms and the Lord. Get encouraged by God’s word, prayer, and talking about what’s going on in our lives along with having tea and treats. Leela Harris leads this afternoon time of community and fellowship.

No registration required. Please come and join us when you can. We will meet at the picnic tables at 1 PM.

You do not have to be a part of class day to come and participate in this group.

Single mothers, you are not alone! 
Let us encourage and uplift one another.  Please join us for a devotion, prayer, and fellowship.
Contact Sarah Murphy with any questions.

Meets every 1st, 3rd, & 5th Thursday during Co-op
12-1 PM, North Lawn
Bring a folding chair

Homeschooling is both a rewarding and challenging experience. Single mothers who homeschool face the demands of providing a quality education for their children, meeting their many needs, and running a household on their own. Oftentimes single mothers must work outside the home in addition to everything else they do. Single parenting is a unique and complex journey that can leave us feeling overwhelmed, weary, and discouraged.

The good news is that we are complete in Jesus Christ!  His grace is sufficient to cover us in our weaknesses!  When we are discouraged, He will encourage and exhort us.  When we are exhausted, He will strengthen us.  When we are overwhelmed, He will give us peace and direction.

You do not have to be a part of class day to come and participate in this group.

To view class summary, click on the blue button located under the matrix on bottom right.

Manage Class Registrations

Co-op Classes 2019-20

Mixed Grades & Adult PK-2nd 3rd-5th 6th-8th 9th-12th & Adult
8:45 Hour A
Beth Zapf
Julie Lee
9:00 Hour A
Guitar Beginning (O)
4th - 12th ; Adult 20+ y/o
Jeff Bishop (O)
Song School Spanish I
1st - 3rd ; 6 y/o - 8 y/o
Elizabeth Riggs, Carolina Wilson
Human Anatomy
4th - 6th
Melanie MacPetrie
First Form Latin
5th - 8th ; 10 y/o - 13 y/o
Heather Laky
Chemistry - High School
10th - 12th
Michele Monroe, Melissa Morris
9:00 Hour B
Kindergarten - 1st ; 5 y/o - 7 y/o
Sharon Norvell, Angela Willett
Song School Latin 2
2nd - 4th
Tina Stirling
Book Club for Boys
6th - 9th ; 11 y/o - 15 y/o
Michelle Hembrador
Honors Chemistry Option
10th - 12th
Michele Monroe, Melissa Morris
9:00 Hour C
Pre-School ; 3 y/o - 4 y/o
Doreen De Cerbo, Sarah Wammack
10:00 Hour A
Guitar Intermediate (O)
4th - 12th ; Adult 20+ y/o
Jeff Bishop (O)
Science Experiments
2nd - 4th
Jennifer Brem, Joleene Burts
3rd - 6th
Shari Dunbar
Children's Choir: Carolers (O)
4th - 7th
Nancy Shirley (O)
10:00 Hour B
Music & Movement
Shaunna Shamoon, Sarah Wammack
Literature 2nd/3rd
2nd - 3rd
Jennifer Cain
The Young Peacemaker
7th - 9th
Lori Snyder
10:00 Hour C
    Cantering the Country
2nd - 5th
Stephanie Wiese
10:30 Hour A
Little Scientists K-1
Kindergarten - 1st ; 5 y/o - 7 y/o
Lisa Baldwin, Shannon Detweiler
    Life Skills: Personal Finance/Apologetics
9th - 12th ; 14 y/o - 18 y/o
Amy Lewis, Shaunna Shamoon
10:30 Hour B
        British Literature
10th - 12th
Lisa You
11:00 Hour A
  Children's Choir: Cherubs (O)
Kindergarten - 3rd
Nancy Shirley (O)
Poets, Artists, Composers
3rd - 5th
Susanna Ojeda
Sludge Science
Michele Monroe, Melissa Morris
Theological Studies
9th - 12th
Tina Stirling
11:00 Hour B
  AB Art: PreK/K Art of Illustration
Pre-School - Kindergarten ; 3 y/o - 5 y/o
Susan Murray (O)
  US History
5th - 7th ; 9 y/o - 13 y/o
Sarah Murphy
11:00 Hour C
      Math Study Hall
6th - 9th
Ben Stirling (S)
11:30 Hour A
  ABC Fun
Pre-School ; 3 y/o - 5 y/o
Kara Vander Linden
12:00 Hour A
Geography Games
4th - 12th
Sharon Norvell
PK/K Lunch Bunch
Pre-School - Kindergarten ; Adult 20+ y/o
Lucinda Hsu
3rd - 5th ; 8 y/o - 11 y/o
Amila von Damm
Bible Bowl - Middle School *NEW FOR SPRING*
6th - 8th
Beth Zapf
ASL - High School
7th - 12th ; Adult 20+ y/o
Shari Dunbar
12:00 Hour B
Balloon Twisting *NEW FOR SPRING*
5th - 12th ; 11 y/o - Adult 20+ y/o
Michelle Argue, Liam Argue (S)
  Reader's Theater
4th - 6th
Lisa Baldwin, Shannon Detweiler
  Spanish - High School
8th - 12th ; Adult 20+ y/o
Katherine Staebler
12:00 Hour C
Salvage Sewing- *NEW FOR SPRING*
5th - 12th ; Adult 20+ y/o
Jenny Maeda, Jennylou Raya
      American Government
10th - 11th
Kerrie Boettner
12:00 Hour D
5th - 12th ; Adult 20+ y/o
Sarah Cho
1:00 Hour A
AB Art: The Art of Illustration K-5th B (O)
Kindergarten - 5th ; 5 y/o - 11 y/o
Susan Murray (O)
Kindergarten - 3rd
Alexia Shamoon (S)
Flying Creatures 2nd-4th
2nd - 4th
Susan Johnson, Tabita Kubiak
Word Up
7th - 9th
JJ Lee
9th - 12th
Michele Monroe, Nikki Steele
1:00 Hour B
Board Game Bonanza
4th - 12th ; Adult 20+ y/o
Becca Leotaud
  Grammar, Vocabulary & Spelling
5th - 7th
Brianna Lee (S)
What We Believe
5th - 6th ; 10 y/o - 12 y/o
Lucinda Hsu
1:00 Hour C
    Bible Bowl - Elementary *NEW FOR SPRING*
3rd - 5th
Beth Zapf
2:00 Hour A
AB Art: The Art of Illustration 5th-12th (O)
5th - 12th ; 9 y/o - 18 y/o
Susan Murray (O)
Paper Airplanes & Crafts
1st - 3rd
Becca Leotaud
  Flying Creatures 5th-7th
5th - 7th
Susan Johnson, Tabita Kubiak
9th - 12th ; 14 y/o - 18 y/o
Kerrie Boettner
2:00 Hour B
Ukulele (SPRING)
3rd - 12th ; Adult 20+ y/o
Jenny Maeda, Cara Schmidt
    Cover Story
6th - 9th ; 11 y/o - 14 y/o
Kareen Duquette, Heather Laky