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Capitol Day

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January 31, 2020

Additional Information

What: We at FPM are planning our 2020 Capitol Day and we would like you to join us.


Every other year, a group of homeschoolers joins us for Capitol Day to visit each of our legislators' offices at the Capitol as we create a visible presence and positive impression of private Christian home education. We now plan to hold Capitol Day each year. There will be training, inspiring messages from those who work with the legislature at the Capitol, and a tour of the Capitol Building.


Who: All private, Christian, homeschool families are invited to join us for Capitol Day.


When: January 30-31, 2020.

Capitol Day is a two-day event starting on Thursday morning, January 30, continuing through Friday, January 31.


Please pray about joining us for Capitol Day in January, or if you cannot personally attend, consider helping to send someone else from your group.


Those interested in attending Capitol Day can start the approval process by filling out our application form online.


Space is limited. No on-site registration.

We are filling up fast. Apply today!


All Capitol Day attendees must undergo an application process for approval. You will be contacted to confirm whether your application was approved and receive further registration instructions:

Application Form - Click here if you are interested in attending Capitol Day!


  • Capitol Day registration is $16.00 for one individual and $32.00 for two or more.
  • Why do I need to pay to attend Capitol Day? The registration fee goes solely towards offsetting the cost of food for this event to ensure that attendees are able to fully participate in all activities during Capitol Day. Eating lunch with us on Thursday before visiting our state legislators is the most time-efficient option for our participants to ensure that you don't miss any part of the event and so we can make the most of our time at the Capitol. If you leave for lunch, you run the very real risk of being caught in the lunch rush at security at the Capitol trying to get into the building and missing legislator visits. That is why we are requiring that all Capitol Day participants also have lunch with us on Thursday. We've done our best to make lunch as affordable as possible.

?Please note: If you are unable to attend the entire conference, please join us for whatever part you can, BUT anyone who wants to go to the Capitol must attend the training which takes place on Thursday morning, January 30.

Children at Capitol Day? Children who are well-dressed, well-behaved, and able to sit through a business meeting are welcome to attend with their parents.

Please see our Capitol Day webpage or contact us at (916) 786-3523 for more information and to apply!

We look forward to this exciting and productive event where homeschooling is represented well at our state Capitol. I hope to see you there!



Nathan Pierce

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