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CFS Fall Chess Club

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CFS Online Chess Club

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Registration is open all semester.

This chess club is open to students of CFS Poway and CFS San Diego sister groups. It will be a platform for weekly tournaments for students to play against each other. Students should be familiar with chess. If your student has never played chess before, I would suggest you consider having your student join and learn to play chess before joining this club. Membership will cover the fall semester from 8/1 to 12/15.

Club Tournaments are held weekly on Mondays from 3:30 to 5/5:30 PM. Please exercise good online safety with your students and do not allow them to friend, accept friend requests or play anyone who is not listed as member of their club OR who they do not know in real life. This is a public forum for chess with over 22 million users. This is not recommended if you are unable to provide parental supervision as this is a public access chess website or if your student is unable to abide by your guidelines. A chat feature is available during tournament play as well as in the club. I expect all students to exercise good sportmanship and keep their comments encouraging and honoring to God. Any students who violates this will be warned. Students who continue to abuse this chat privilege after being warned will be removed from the club and your fee will not be refunded. 

Generally speaking tournaments will be played Arena and Swiss style. Students will play the maximum number of games during the time allotted. Click here  for an explanation of the way Arena style chess is played and scored. Arena style means that you try to play as many games as possible during the 90 minute period. This is rapid chess play. Swiss style tournaments are like the traditional chess tournaments where games are alotted 45 minute per game. Students will play 3 games. 2nd and 3rd rounds of play will start when all games in the current round conclude. This is longer chess play allowing for more thinking and strategic play. Students will be able to watch back their games played in the tournament as well as watch other players' games in progress or afterwards as well. Students are expected to play on their own with no outside help from friends, siblings, parents or technology. Even if you can not always participate in tournaments, you are welcome to join the other club and play individual games (live and delayed) with other students in the club.

Cost: $3 per student for the semester (please be sure to set up a account before signing up as you need to provider your username). Payment is required at time of registration via paypal for CFS SD members.

Questions, please contact Lucinda at

There is no deadline to join this club.



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