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Welcome to CHECCS!


We are the Christian Home Educators of Carroll, Columbiana, and Stark counties (Ohio).   (Others outside those counties are welcome as well, if you're willing to make the drive.  We have/had members from Tuscarawas, Harrison, Jefferson, Mahoning, Trumball, etc.).  Please, do not request membership to this site without first reading this page in its entirety! 



CHECCS is a small group of conservative Christian families who educate our children at home as we feel led by God to do so.  Most of our families traditionally home educate.  However, we do have a few using on-line public e-schools.  We offer co-op classes once a week in Malvern.  We also schedule field trips, special events, moms nights out, summer get togethers, and more.

Our constitutional purpose is to promote and facilitate Christian home education and to train and nurture our children according to Biblical guidelines. 

During the traditional school year, we have weekly co-op classes (such as science, art, gym, etc.) for the children.  (For more information about our co-op year, please read Our Co-op Year in the About Us section on the menu to the left.)  The co-op classes vary each year, and are taught by the members.  Drop-offs are not allowed -- a parent is required to be in attendance with their student(s). 

For more detailed information about our co-op, please read the FAQs in the About Us section on the menu to the left.

The CHECCS group is limited in size.  If the group does not have any openings when you contact us, you may contact the Administrator up to twice each year to see if there are any openings.  (Suggested times to do this would be around April 1 to May 1 and November 1 to December 31.) 


If you have questions, please e-mail the CHECCS Administrator:

            checcs "at" DustBunniesAndBooks "dot" com


Before requesting membership to this website and gaining access to the members only section, you must become a member of CHECCS.


If you are thinking of joining our CHECCS, please be sure you have read the FAQs in the About Us section on the menu to the left. This will help you learn more about us and help you understand how we work and what we expect of you and your student(s).  Please also  read our statement of faith and our other registrations forms in that same section.


If you have done the above and desire to join CHECCS, then you can begin the formal process of joining. To become a member of CHECCS, you need to:

1) Submit the New Member Questionnaire. This can be found in the About Us section on the menu to the left.

2) Schedule and complete a face-to-face visit.

3) Read, agree to, complete, and sign our Statement of Faith, our Registration Form, our Member Requirement form, and our Statement of Purpose. These forms are located in the About Us section on the menu to the left. You can bring them to the meeting or complete them afterward.

4) Once the above items have been completed, you will need to pay the dues ($15) and the building use fee ($25) to finalize your membership to CHECCS. Once you have finalized your membership, we will help you determine what service you can provide to the group each week. (It takes all members to successfully run the group each week!) At this time, you can also sign up your students for classes. Classes must be paid at the time of signing up for them.