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Homeschooling and the Law

These links will take you to legal analysis done by the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) regarding homeschooling in each state.  The links will open PDF files.




What does the law require in Indiana?

In Indiana, the law requires 180 days of instruction. Homeschools are private schools in Indiana and keep their own records and set their own requirements.  We must provide an education “equivalent” to that provided by the public schools, but “equivalent” is not defined in the law.  We must keep attendance records so that we can verify to the school superintendent (if asked) the enrollment and attendance of our children at our homeschool.  Your attendance record can be as simple as checkmarks on a calendar.

What is HSLDA and why should I join?

Home School Legal Defense Association was founded in 1983 to defend and advance the constitutional rights of parents to direct the education of their children and protect family freedoms. When we pay the yearly fee, it assures protection should we ever encounter a legal problem in our own homeschool, and it provides the resources for knowledgeable attorneys to defend, support, and represent other homeschool families who are being unjustly questioned or attacked. Members have access to an attorney for legal issues relating to home education at any time.  The SWIHE Steering Committee recommends membership in HSLDA, but this membership is not a requirement to homeschool legally.  (Use our SWIHE group # to receive a discount when you join.)

What do I tell my principal if I am pulling my child out of public school?

Send a formal letter to the principal, with mail receipt requested.  Inform them that “My child will  be receiving education in a private school.”  The law in Indiana does not require you to “register” your child in another school or with the state.  If you join HSLDA first they will provide a form with legal citations for IN, IL or KY to include in your letter.