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Research on the Effectiveness of Homeschooling

You Can Homeschool

This site, provided by HSLDA, gives helps, encouragements, and links to support groups.  In their page titled, "I Won't Ruin My Kids?" they answer the common question about socialization.  Hint:  On average, homeschooled kids are involved in 5.2 regular activities outside the home. 

Homeschooling Grows Up

"Homeschooling Grows Up is the largest research survey to date of adults who were home educated. Over the last decade, researchers, professionals, parents, the media, and many others have asked repeatedly: How do homeschooled students turn out? Can a homeschool graduate get into college or get a job? How do they fit into society? Are they good citizens? Are they happy?"  The results may surprise you.

Homeschooling Progress Report 2009

"In 2007, the Home School Legal Defense Association commissioned Dr. Brian D. Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute to conduct a nationwide study of homeschooling in America. The study’s purpose was to develop a current picture of homeschool students and their families—capturing their demographics and educational background—and analyze the impact of certain variables on
homeschoolers’ academic achievement. 

"Dr. Ray collected data for the cross-sectional, descriptive study in spring 2008. The 11,739 participants came from all 50 states, Guam, and Puerto Rico."

This PDF article provides the results of that study.

How Do Homeschoolers Measure Up?

Results of academic testing of homeschooled students compared to national averages.

Why are Home Schoolers Succeeding?

Michael Farris discusses why home schooled students do so well.  Hint:  It has something to do with parental involvement.

Research Facts on Homeschoolers