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Links and Other Resources

Homeschool Information
Indiana Association of Home Educators
The Indiana Association of Home Educators provides statewide homeschool events. Some of these events include the Annual Convention, Home Education Day at the Capitol, and Mom's Retreats.
State and Local Homeschool Laws
State-by-state listing of laws concerning homeschooling.
Wonderful information for new homeschoolers, curriculum choices, special needs, etc. Don't have to be a member to look at all of the wonderful information they have.
You Can Homeschool
This site, provided by HSLDA, gives helps, encouragements, and links to support groups. In their page titled, "I Won't Ruin My Kids?" they answer the common question about socialization. Hint: On average, homeschooled kids are involved in 5.2 regular activities outside the home.
National Challenged Home Schoolers Associated Network (NATHHAN)
Encouraging homeschooling families with special needs children, in ways that glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and equipping parents to confidently homeschool their children with special needs or disabilities.
A Beka
A Beka Book provides Christian schools and homeschools with outstanding curriculum and textbooks built on a foundation of academic excellence and Christian character training. Schools and homeschools benefit from our treasury of textbooks and teaching materials that reflect the very best in traditional education, comprehensive curriculum, and eternal truths.
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega Publications is a Christian publishing company that proudly provides academically rigorous, Christian curriculum for students in preschool through 12th grade. With print-based, computer-based, and online formats, our Bible-based curriculum includes Monarch, Ignitia, Switched-On Schoolhouse, LIFEPAC, Horizons, and The Weaver Curriculum. We also offer an accredited online education through Alpha Omega Academy.
Apologia publishes homeschooling curriculum and resources, and hosts online classes to help families learn, live, and defend the Christian faith.
Bob Jones
BJU Press publishes Christian school curriculum and distance learning options for K-12. BJU Press materials seamlessly integrate biblical truth with academic excellence in order to help your students develop the critical thinking skills and love of learning they need for their Christian lives.
Christian Liberty Academy Satellite Schools (CLASS)
CLASS is a pioneer of the modern home school movement and has helped thousands of families to get started—and succeed—in home schooling. CLASS consists of thousands of home schools throughout the United States and around the world, with students ranging in age from four to adult. CLASS is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools. Our graduates are being accepted by leading colleges, universities, and military academies.
Christian Liberty Press
Over twenty-five years ago Christian Liberty Press was created as the publishing division of the nationally recognized Christian Liberty Academy School System to provide school materials for our own home education and Christian school programs. Since then, we have expanded the reach of our ministry to deliver excellent educational products at a great value to home schools and Christian schools across the United States and throughout the world. We are dedicated to finding, evaluating, and producing curriculum materials that are rooted in the Word of God and express a biblical worldview.
Cornerstone Curriculum
Homeschooling unit study materials for building families upon a Biblical Worldview.
Covenant Home Curriculum
The Christian homeschool programs offered by Covenant Home Curriculum provide families with sound textual material on the classical approach to education. Full-service programs are offered for children from Pre-Kindergarten through the Twelfth grade. Parents are now able to reclaim their biblically-based right and responsibility to educate their children in a Christian environment. Find out more about how our Christian homeschool curriculum can help you educate your children!
Rod & Staff
We are an independent vendor of materials by Rod & Staff and other publishers. We offer affordable Bible-based curriculum and character-building storybooks, helping build a solid Christian education for schools and homeschools. These quality textbooks take a traditional approach to schooling
Some of our Favorite Homeschool Sites
Wisdom's Gate Ministries
Ministry of Skeet Savage, Israel Wayne
Homeschool Digest, An Encouraging Word, Overcoming Life Magazine
Crosswalk has several homeschool related e-newsletters to provide information & encouragement.
Some of Our Favorite Resources
This site is a treasure trove of organizational helps and lesson plans for the busy homeschooler. If you are a pencil and paper person you will especially appreciate the many, many, free, download-able forms, planners, attendance recorders, transcript planners, etc. This link takes you to the calendar page. But there is much more here. This veteran homeschooler has uploaded many of her family's tools and plans from their homeschool. For history buffs, Donna Young even describes how to make a mummy of a chicken.