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Guidelines for High School Classes

We currently offer both academic and enrichment classes. All classes are weekly. Some are credit classes, that will include homework. It is up to the parents to discern which of these course options is best for their children by reviewing the Class Descriptions.

We will endeavor to offer credit and non-credit, homework and non-homework options to give students a variety of class types to choose from. We will make every effort to provide challenging, quality courses, but it is up to the individual parent to closely monitor the course and course work to see if it is consistent with their expectations.

High School Rotation:

We will endeavor to always provide a year-long, comprehensive, credit level program in Science, Math, English/Lit, and Art. This way you can predict when certain classes will be available. We are currently on a two-year rotation.

Other Credit Classes:

There will be other credit and credit-optional classes offered in addition to the classes mentioned above. Other classes like history, music, civics, computer science, and other art classes have all been taught in the past. The availability of these classes is not predictable and will change semester to semester.

AGAPE co-op’s definition of a credit:

Credit classes will include 120 logged hours per credit (60 hours per semester for ½ credit), a minimum of 2/3 of a high school level textbook completed for 1 credit (1/3 of a high school level textbook completed for ½ credit), or a minimum 10-page research paper for full credit.

Teachers of credit classes are expected to give students grades for their work each semester. Parents are to make sure students are getting their assigned work done and comply with the teacher’s requirements. All other behavior parameters of AGAPE Christian Homeschool Organization apply.