Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6) Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)




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About Olivet

Olivet Private School
501 SE Port St. Lucie Blvd.
Port St. Lucie, FL 34984
Phone/Fax: (772)879-9707

Administrator:  Christina Cunningham

Administrator contact:

Olivet Private School, Inc. is a K-12 school registered with the State of Florida under Statue 617.  As such, we are not affected by the state’s home education program requiring registration with the public school superintendent.  As a 617 school, we may accept students from any county in the state of Florida.  Families may not enroll with Olivet Private School and register with the public school system. 

Olivet is the only 617 school (nontraditional school) in St. Lucie county that is listed in the Federal Private School Database. This is a powerful protection of your children’s school transcripts and Olivet’s diploma.

Olivet is a private school consisting of parent-teachers registered with us, who educate their children at home.  As such, the parent-teachers are responsible to research and define their program of studies.  The administrative personnel of Olivet are parent-teachers who are willing to help in any way possible.

Parental Responsibilities

  1. Research options for educational methods and curriculum.
  2. Attend workshops and conferences to educate themselves thoroughly regarding the education of their child(ren).
  3. Oversee the education of their child(ren).
  4. Have a thorough understanding of the Olivet website and the rules that govern Olivet parents and students.
  5. Check the Olivet website routinely for all current news.
  6. Check email for information sent out by the board including newsletters, updates, etc.
  7. Must maintain consistent communication with their Family Advisor and High School Advisors.
  8. Submit all required documentation by the due dates, including financial obligations.
  9. Maintain diligence in the supervision of their students at all Olivet functions including Olivet Day.
  10. Adhere to the Dress Code and Conduct Code for both parent and student.
  11. Attend Olivet’s Annual Parent’s Jamboree in August and any other meeting called by the Board of Directors of Olivet Private School, Inc.
  12. Fulfill their Job Assignments for the given school year.

Olivet Private School (OPS) realizes that as an educational organization we have obligations to the enrolled families.

Olivet Private School will

  1. Provide an up-to-date website with access to all information and events to keep families abreast of information and events, including rules, important dates, and anticipated financial obligations.
  2. Provide opportunities for field trips, high school socials, and standardized testing.
  3. Maintain student transcripts and records.
  4. Oversee and assist with dual enrollment registration, online course registration, and scholarship opportunities.
  5. Oversee discipline at all Olivet functions concerning conduct and dress codes.
  6. Communicate with parents and students all expectations, using the contact information the parent provides.  We should promptly be given any changes in address, phone number and/or email address.
  7. Provide support and academic advice to enrolled families.

A student enrolled in Olivet Private School is considered a private school student, not a homeschool student.  Their transcripts are kept by the school, validating administratively the courses declared.  This is especially important when registering them for any type of program or official (work, educational) position.  Often, when seniors apply to colleges, denoting the private school situation will help them avoid additional scrutiny of their coursework and possibly in added entrance requirements.

Olivet Private School is not accredited. Accreditation Information.