Family Education for Christ

Meet up for fun on wheels! We meet the first Monday of each month at Starcastle on Mall Blvd. Our skate time is 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.   

Skate Day Guidelines

Skate Day is one of  the most popular activities for FEFC members (& non-members are always welcome to join us!). As our group is getting larger, it is extremely important that parents know & review these rules with their children prior to each roller skating event. This will ensure a safe & orderly time.

  1. Please remind older children to be considerate skaters. There are many young, inexperienced skaters sharing  the rink.

  2. Teach younger skaters to:

    • stay near the outside edge of the rink;

    • not to cut across the rink; &

    • to always go in the proper direction (i.e., with – not against – the crowd). Please monitor younger children frequently. 

  3. No racing is permitted.

  4. For the sake of safety, the following is not allowed on the rink:

    • gum, candy, food

    • hats – worn or carried

    • anything that could be dropped & cause an accident.

  5. No forming of “chains” on the rink.

  6. Children may not be carried by anyone wearing skates (on or off the rink).

  7. For safety’s sake, if you see a spilled drink, please help us by immediately cleaning up the spill. We do not have a designated clean-up crew – we are all responsible.

  8. Respect of property is of utmost importance & expected. Lockers, public phones, vending machines, & all other equipment / facilities are to be used only for their intended purposes.

  9. FEFC strongly encourages fellowship between members; however, during skating, please remember that your primary responsibility is watching your children.


Dress Code:

Modest dress is expected from all who attend FEFC events. For example, mini-skirts, short-shorts, halter 

tops, spaghetti straps, midriffs, tank tops, pants hanging off the waist, &/or otherwise revealing apparel are not 

allowed. This is out of respect & courtesy for ALL participants. 


PLEASE NOTE: The only video taping allowed at field trips / activities is that which is done by members of FEFC or their immediate families.