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Why Join LEAH?

Why should you join Dutchess County LEAH? Maybe you don't go the meetings, participate in field trips, do testing or use Peer Review. Maybe you don't think you need a "support group". The $50 charged for dues is just wasted right?

Before you answer that, do you think any of the following statements are true?

  1. You think 1 person writing a letter to their Assemblyman carries more weight in Albany than a lobbyist representing thousands of home schoolers.
  2. You are a home schooling wizard, and never have any questions, need any help, or need encouragement.
  3. You don't know what you are doing at all and have nothing to offer anyone else.
  4. You don't have any concerns about home schooling in the future, knowing that many friends of home schooling in the Albany legislature has been replaced by people who think parents are too stupid to educate their own kids.
  5. You don't need to save any money by taking advantage of group rates for field trips, the HSLDA discount or discounted tickets to the LEAH convention.

If you can answer any of the previous statements as true then, yes, you would waste your money joining Dutchess County LEAH.  If you could not, then your really do need to join Dutchess County LEAH.

The fact is, NY State LEAH and the Dutchess County LEAH chapter offers tremendous benefits to home schoolers. They are:

  1. Support, Encouragement, Fellowship and Information from experienced home schoolers.
  2. $20 discount for HSLDA membership.
  3. A yearly convention showcasing curriculum, new teaching methods, encouragement, information from expert educators,  and legislative updates from Albany and Washington.
  4. Organized field trips offering group discounts, and free planning.
  5. Testing and Peer Review services to satisfy 4th quarter NYS home schooling regulatory requirements.  Albany and Washington are now BOTH controlled by legislators unfriendly to home schooling. Remember HR 6? This was a bill introduced in Washington in 1994 that would have virtually eliminated home schooling by requiring certified teachers. This bill was modified to remove the certified teacher requirement after home schooling organizations, like

LEAH, all over the US, energized their membership to call Washington and complain. Also, it was because of the organization, and .....GOD's GRACE that HR6 was defeated.

We are a God fearing organization.

Without the organizations, you would have lost the ability to home school.

Remember, United we stand!  Divided we fall.

Alan Bradford  5/09