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FAQ about how to start home schooling

1- I know I have to send in a letter of intent.  Is there a suggested/ good time to do this?
The law states: "All children who have attained the age of 6 years or who will have attained the age of 6 years by February 1 of any school year."  
2- Do you have a sample letter of intent?
Again, the statue states: "notify the county superintendent in writing within 30 days of establishing the home education program (not required to be filed annually); give the names, addresses, and birth dates of the homeschool students"
 A letter of intent should be as simple as:  "To Whom it may Concern:  Please accept this as official notification of our intent to home educate our child, (name).  His birth date is_______.  Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. _________. " Then below your name you could put your address.  That's it.  They will perhaps send you some info (these might include the state laws, and a form to be filled out asking for more info such as SS# etc... )  You have no cause to fill it out or send it back, just like you have no cause to send in the child's birth certificate, even though they may ask for it.  Keep to the law .  If they call/contact you requesting something other than what the law requires, simply kindly tell them that by law you are not required to submit that information.  
3- Who do I send the letter to? Do you have an address?
Dade County Public Schools Attendance Services.
489 East Drive
Miami Springs, Fl. 33166
or in Broward:
Browarrd County Public Schools District Guidance Office
600 SE 3rd Ave
12th Floor
Fort Lauderdale Fl. 33301
4-Do you suggest I pay to be part of HSLDA or FPEA at this time? If so what would be the best way to do this?
This is totally a personal preference.  Some people feel it is good "insurance" to join HSLDA and FPEA, and it is recommend it if you are financially able, as they do work to protect the rights of all home schoolers and lobby at the state level to keep our state home school friendly.  You can get a discount for FPEA at the beginning of each year by signing up with your registration to ARCH Angels, or go directly to fpea.com.  To join HSLDA, go directly to their website, hslda.org.  Regardless of whether you join either group, you should visit their websites as they both provide valuable information about home education.