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Four Membership Options:

Pre School Parents – $20 per family per year.    Come and see what homeschooling is all about.  You are welcome to attend Fellowship Fridays, age-appropriate Fieldtrips, and Family Events.   To sign up for this option, your oldest homeschooled child should be younger than 5 years by September 1st.  Please note that we do use this September 1 rule of thumb at each grade level.

Missionary/Temporary Resident Families--$40 per family per year. We understand we live in an area where families move in and out for different missionary purposes. To sign up for this option it is with the understanding that you will be able to only be a part of our group for a few months. If you stay in the RGV becomes more permanent during this time (more than 4 months) we ask that you either choose to pay the regular membership fee of $80 or you get involved by volunteering your time to help out the group (Volunteering at a ruduced fee).

Volunteering and Reduced Fees of $40 per family per year.  This group provides a LOT of activities and they can only be done with the help of the membership (thank you!).   Please pray about whether or not you have the time to help out this year.  If you sign up to help and it does not work out, we do ask that the following year you just pay the regular $80 fee.  For this option, your oldest homeschooled child should be in Kinder and 5 years old by September 1st.

Regular Membership Fee of $80 per family per year.  We love the help from volunteers and the opportunity to get to know our members better by working alongside them, but we know that some years it is easier to give your time than others.   For this option, your oldest homeschooled child should be in Kinder and 5 years old by September 1st.

After Aug 1st, the Membership fees increase by $10 ONLY FOR RETURNING MEMBERS. 

Please note that only paid members can view the Membership Directory and it is helpful to us if you will allow other members to see the ages and grade levels of your children.  Also, if you select "No" on the forums, you will miss out on many announcements about activities.  Rather than selecting "No", just choose the ones that pertain to your family.

Something New!!!  A place to input your childrens' emails.   We are really excited that we now have the OPTION to send emails to your teens' addresses too!  This will only be done when an event applies to them - like a Youth Event.  


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