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Field Trip Guidelines

Field Trip Guidelines

Unfortunately, what the world understands about Christians and homeschoolers is based up upon our actions and our children's behavior. Therefore, our desire is to conduct ourselves worthy of Christ and homeschoolers as we represent San Diego Christian Homeschools to the community, so that Christ may be glorified and we, as homeschoolers, are welcome. Please read these guidelines and go over them with your children. 

(For the purposes of these guidelines the term field trip is taken to include all SDCH field trips, meet-ups, events and activities)

General Guidelines

  • Our field trips are for our member families only. Please do not bring non-members. SDCH Leadership reserves the right to allow non-members on a case-by-case basis.
  • Our field trips are generally not drop-off situations. Parents are expected to remain with their children unless previous arrangements have been made.
  • If you have signed up for a field trip, please attend. If you are unable to for any reason please contact the event coordinator so someone on the waiting list can attend in your place. Please read the field trip information provided closely. Every effort is made to accommodate multiple ages, strollers etc., however, some field trips will not be suitable for them. Remember, no shows reflect poorly upon SDCH and homeschoolers in general and may limit our ability to attend in the future.

Field Trip Refund Policy

Because the majority of field trips must meet minimum group requirements and be paid for in advance, we DO NOT give refunds. However, if we have advance notice (e.g. one week or more depending upon field trip deadlines) we can try to fill the spot with another family. That family then can reimburse the family unable to attend. This allows us time to retain our numbers for the said field trip, or give the field trip location advanced notice of a change in the number attending. Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the SDCH leadership.


You and Your Child's Responsibly During a Field Trip

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early. Often our group must enter the destination together as a group. If for some reason you will arrive late please contact the event coordinator.
  • Parents: you are responsible for the children you bring. If the children are disruptive, please excuse yourselves from the group to handle the situation.
  • Please follow the destinations rules and regulations as closely as possible.
  • Do not go into an area without permission. Stay with the group. The buddy system works really well.
  • Be respectful of the people around you and your surroundings.
  • Do not allow children to climb, touch or handle things without permission from the hosts.
  • Pay attention to our guides/hosts and listen well. (Parents, this includes you and remember to silence your cell phones)
  • Think of thoughtful questions and remember to raise your hand to ask them or speak.
  • No candy or gum. Food/snacks should only be consumed in designated areas.
  • Remember to use your best manners at all times and to say "Thank you".
  • Please dress appropriately for the field trip.
  • Use good common sense.

Thank you for your assistance in making our field trips more rewarding and enjoyable for everyone.