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Photography Notice

SDCH Photography Notice and Photo Use Guidelines


When SDCH has a group field trip or other activity we encourage all the families present to take photos at the event and then to share them with the group, if they like, by posting them to the photo section of our private members only website.  We also invite them to voluntarily email the photos to our leadership for possible inclusion in annual projects such as our yearbook, slideshow, brochures, or even our member website.  Although the families in SDCH may do whatever they wish with their photographs, SDCH does not use the photos they share with us for anything other than what has been described above in this paragraph.


It should be understood that all the families in our organization are deeply devoted Christians, who carefully follow Biblical principles when dealing with each other and each other’s children, and they would never intentionally offend or harm anyone with their photography.  There never has been a problem with misuse of photos in SDCH and we do not expect any in the future.  If a problem ever does arise we expect it to be dealt with, by the two parties involved, according to the Matthew 18 principle, and done so without involving the leadership of SDCH.


TAKING PHOTOS:  If you attend one of our field trips, classes, park days, or special events, and have your camera with you, please feel free to take photos of the group and the group activities, however, please be aware that there may be families present who do not want their photos taken.  Use your better judgment, and please always ask before you photograph.


BEING PHOTOGRAPHED:  If you attend one of our events, please be aware that other parents may be taking pictures there.  These parents are not acting behalf of SDCH and SDCH will not prohibit parents from using their cameras.  It is up to you to inform the photographer that you do not wish to be photographed.  If your photo (or your child’s photo) was taken against your will, please approach the photographer personally, privately and kindly ask him or her not to photograph you further and to delete the photo if possible.  Please do not involve the leader of the field trip nor involve the leadership of SDCH by asking them to do this for you.  Again, notifying the photographer that you do not wish your picture to be taken is completely up to you, not SDCH.  All of the families in SDCH are very friendly and loving and they will kindly comply with your request.


USE OF PHOTOGRAPHS:  If you have taken photos at an SDCH activity or event and people other than your own family members are in the pictures, we ask that you please not post the photos on any social networking website or photo sharing website (except for our private members only SDCH website, as mentioned above).  If you are at an SDCH event where photos are being taken, please be aware that photos taken by the parents in our organization may be used in our yearbook, in our brochures, or on our private member only website.  If you do not wish photos of yourself or your children to be used in these ways, please let the photographers know this.




By joining San Diego Christian Homeschools and/or attending our events and activities, you and your family agree to the following with regards to photography:

 1.  I will get verbal consent from those I am photographing before taking their picture at any SDCH event or activity.

 2.  I will not post photos of other SDCHers (including and especially children) to any social networking or photo sharing website without the permission of those in my photos.

 3.  I understand and agree that my child or I may be photographed by another SDCH parent at SDCH events and activities.  If I do not consent to our photos begin taken, I understand and agree that it is up to me to tell other parents taking pictures at these SDCH events that I do not consent, and it is up to me to ask each one not to photograph my child or I, and I will not involve the leadership of SDCH in the dispute.

 4.  If I do consent to our photos being taken at SDCH activities and events, I am fully aware of and agree that these photos may be used for the SDCH yearbook, brochures, info board, and/or private member-only website.