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Frequently Asked Questions

What grade should I register my child for?

We encourage you to register your child(ren) in the grade they would attend in a traditional school, according to their date of birth as of September 1st.  If you have concerns about the placement of your child, please speak to the registrar.

Can I join the co-op if my oldest child is only in preschool, or do I have to wait?

Our co-op exists primarily to meet the needs of students in Kindergarten and up, but if your oldest child is in preschool, our registrar will keep your name on a waiting list.  If space exists on August 1st, she will contact you and you may register for the co-op.

I have a daycare child that I care for. Can I pay tuition and bring them as well?

No. We do not generally enroll daycare children of participants.  If you homeschool a family member's child, please speak to our registrar.

Is it possible to drop my child off if I have other responsibilities during the co-op time I need to tend to?

We are not a drop off co-op, and due to HOPE's legal responsibilities, a parent must remain in the building during the entire meeting time.  We do offer, in the case of family illness, emergency, or unusual circumstances, the option of using the Absentee Parent Form. The use of this form is usually allowed only once per semester, and must be filled out naming the specific person who is responsible for your child(ren) in your absence.

 I have to leave for a half hour each co-op day to pick up another one of my children. Is this allowed?

No. Due to HOPE's legal responsibilities, a parent must remain in the building during the entire meeting time.

My baby doesn’t do well being apart from me. Can I keep them in Support Group?

Infants may attend Support Group with their mother, provided they are not disruptive to the group. We ask that you be sensitive to others in this area. Even happy sounds, if they occur during a guest speaker giving a presentation, can be very distracting. Please use your judgment, and if your baby becomes disruptive, we ask that you leave Support Group and care for their needs in the nursing mother’s room, which is located just off the nursery. If your baby is continually disruptive to the point that they interfere with other moms' ability to enjoy the support time, and he/she is past the age of 6 months, a transition to the nursery may be requested.

My baby is going to stay with me during support time. Do I still need to pay for a nursery spot?

If your baby is over the age of one, either by September 1st (full nursery tuition), or by January 1st (half tuition) they must be registered in the co-op, even if they stay with you during support time.

What is the Fall Parent Information Meeting?

The Fall Parent Information Meeting is our kick off for the new co-op year. Both parents are encouraged to attend; but we ask that you do not bring your children, and no child care is provided. (Nursing babies always welcome!) This required meeting provides an opportunity to reconnect with returning families and meet our new families. You will also be informed of your prayer group and service position assignment. Following a short informational time, monitor schedules, snack schedules, and open field trips will be available for signups, and fundraiser packets will be distributed. Questions will be answered!

I’m not sure what all these service positions mean. Can you help me figure out what to sign up for?

If you have concerns about your area of service, please speak to the registrar who would be happy to talk you through the process of selecting some options. Please be assured that we will attempt to match you with something that is within your comfort zone, and hopefully something you will enjoy. Once you are assigned your position, you will have a board contact who will explain everything that your job entails, and will answer any questions you have along the way. We are here to support you, and do not want this area to be a source of distress to you.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the registrar, or any other board member. We pray that your journey to train up your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord will be fruitful and blessed!