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Illness Policy

Sick children should be at home.  If a child is found to be ill in classroom, the parent will be asked to take him/her home.  Support Group is not an alternative location for a sick child.  Children should be kept at home if they have had a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, productive cough, or an excessive runny nose within the last 24 hours.


Absent Parent Form

Due to HOPE's legal responsibilities, a parent must remain in the building during the entire meeting time.  If a student is to attend class in the absence of a parent, an Absent Parent Form will need to be filled out naming the specific person who is responsible for the child(ren).  The use of this form is allowed only once per semester and only in the case of family illness, emergency or unusual circumstances.  Exceptions may be granted in extenuating circumstances.

~ Absent Parent Form


Nut Free Policy

Because we have families with life-threatening peanut/ tree-nut allergies, we maintain a nut-free environment. Please carefully read the policy below:


~HOPE Nut Free Policy


Rules of Conduct / Discipline Policy

Each parent is responsible for discussing the Rules of Student Conduct and Discipline Policy with their children.  All family members are responsible for signing the Student Rules of Conduct each co-op year and submitting with their registration paperwork.

 ~ Student Code of Conduct


Fire Drill Procedures

Fire drills are praccticed in the fall of each school year.  We follow the evacuation guidelines of the church building where we meet. 


Returned Check Policy

The co-op requests electronic payment for all fees.  In the unusual event that a check is accepted, families will be charged a fee of $6 for any returned checks.  We encourage you to make payment arrangements with our Treasurer if your family is experiencing financial hardship.


Photography Policy

Helping Other Parents Educate periodically takes pictures of participants in our classes, during special events and on field trips.  Please be aware that these photos may be used in HOPE's yearbook, website or other presentations.  If you or your family members do not wish to be photographed or published, you must give us written notice.