TCCHE (Tri-County Christian Home Educators) TCCHE (Tri-County Christian Home Educators) TCCHE (Tri-County Christian Home Educators) TCCHE (Tri-County Christian Home Educators) TCCHE (Tri-County Christian Home Educators) TCCHE (Tri-County Christian Home Educators)

Welcome to the Tri-County Christian Home Educators website.

Serving the greater Troy, Winfield, Lake St. Louis, Wentzville and Warrenton areas.  Tri-County represents Lincoln, St. Charles and Warren County but is inclusive.  If you are from another county - please join and we trust you will find it beneficial.

Application Process for TCCHE membership

 Website fees are $12.00 per year. 
You request membership and complete the application form online.  It is critical to include information requested including birth dates as this is the how classes are assigned. 
Pay registration via Paypal or check by following the link on the left  or top to "Pay for Registration".  
Registration must be paid prior to approval of your account. 
Membership must be current to signup for classes or other events.
No refunds are provided.   

If you are not able to login - please check all steps above prior to contacting the correct member below to have this resolved.  It is typically just a step missed or you have been either not approved or deleted for non-payment of membership fee's.

This website has been created in response to a growing need to connect our families to resources.  There are many opportunities for classes, contacts, fellowship, scholarships, playdates, curriculum and so much more if only we are connected.  

Our goal is to provide connectivity within the homeschooling community.  That means many things to many people.  There are many new homeschoolers that need encouragement and advice.  Others simply want a place to find that book they need.  This is an attempt to address those needs.  

We will not tolerate non-Christian behavior in spirit or deed.  Any comments that are deemed inappropriate will be removed and if continued the user in question will be deleted with no refund provided.  While this should never have to be acted upon, the policy is in place to assure others. 


TCCHE Leadership Team:

Kendra Beck  - Coordinator

Suzy Moore -  Accounting

Christi Schindler - BookSale Coordinator, Administration