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Horizon Home Educators Cooperative 2020-2021

What is Horizon Homeschool Cooperative?

The Horizon Homeschool Cooperative provides an opportunity for Christian homeschooling families to partner together to create a cooperative teaching and learning environment for grades kindergarten through twelfth grade.

            *All kindergarten students must be 5 years of age by September 1 of the current school year.

Who instructs the classes?

Three classes will be offered:  P.E., Art and Unit Studies.  Classes will be taught by hired teachers.  We require a federal background check with a SSN# be completed for all teachers and parent helpers.


How much MONEY does it cost?

-- A $30 nonrefundable registration fee for each family, to be turned in with registration forms

-- $60 spring building fee 

-- $15 per month tuition for each child 1st-6th grader

-- $30 per month tuition for each kindergartner

-- Costs for HC2 are determined per activity

Payment is collected to compensate teachers and pay for materials. Tuition is due on the first class day of the month


 How much TIME does it cost?

Each HC1 family is required to serve one full co-op session helper as well as on-call helper slot 1 and on-call helper slot 2. Kindergarten only families are not required to serve units.


How do I enroll my children?

Once you have filled out the required forms (attached to your profile), you must register your child for their class  on the Class Registration page. HC2 students will have the opportunity to register for their activities per week under Class Registration as well.


Attendance Policy
Our Attendance Policy is relaxed this semester with no penalty for being absent. We do ask that you communicate those absenses to the coordinator on duty thru the SchoolTron messaging app.


Required Parent Information Meeting

Parents are required to watch the recorded information video, review the Parent Information, and respond with their co-op commitment preference by August 7, 2020. Families participating in the Fall Semester need to pay their $90 fee.


When do classes begin?

Spring classes begin March 18 and run through May 20

Classes meet 12:30-3:15


Where do classes meet?

HCK and HC1 will meet at Grace Church, Mahomet, IL.

HC2 will meet at Lake of the Woods and will include some field trips.