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Membership Renewal

In order to start the Membership Renewal process, you will need to click on the "Registration" link located on the navigation next to "Membership Renewal" then "Registration Forms" to either complete or re-affirm the Background Check information, choose two (2) jobs through the "Helper Signup" link, and choose two (2) dates through the "Teacher Snack Signup" to coordinate with at least two other members to bring food for the group.  Payment for registration will also be required and can be made by the link attached under "Registration".  Once those things have been taken care of, the appropriate administrator will "unpark" your membership and you will be directed to your Profile Page to complete your Membership Renewal by updating and reaffirming all the required documents.

To qualify for the Early Registration Fee, all documents must be reaffirmed through your profile, all the links below must be submitted, and payment must be made by the date set for early registration.

Please complete or reaffirm the following forms:

  • Returning Member Background Check
  • Helper Signup (2 jobs)
  • Teacher Snack Signup (2 dates)
  • Payment

The amount of the registration, which is a non-refundable fee, will need to be turned in/paid in order to move on to the next stage in the Membership Renewal process.. You may pay by cash, check, or credit/debit card via the "Payment" link on the homepage.  Please make checks payable to SEEDS. If you would like to mail in the fee beforehand, send to the following address:

Leslie Head, SEEDS' President

248 Menchville Road

Newport News, Virginia  23602