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About HOPE

It is our prayer that you will find this group to be an oasis in the world of parenting and homeschooling.  We hope this will be a safe place where you and your children can minister and be ministered to. 

Who We Are:

HOPE provides support for homeschooling families in and around Pine County.

Why We Serve:

Our HOPE is to help parents fulfill their God-given right and responsibility to educate their children. As homeschooling parents, we desire to come together with other believers to support each other in homeschooling.

What We Believe:

This group is rooted in core Christian beliefs and practices. We choose to focus on what we have in common as members of the body of Christ, rather than denominational differences. With that in mind, anyone is welcome, regardless of religious practice or belief. We have no desire to cause anyone discomfort or force our beliefs on anyone else, but we do reserve the right to unabashedly give glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

What You Can Expect From Us:

  • You can expect this group to behave in a manner befitting the testimony of Jesus Christ and the witness of the Holy Spirit.  We will mess up, but when we do we will seek to correct our error in a timely and loving manner. 
  •  We will provide regular meetings for HOPE parents for the purpose of encouragement and discussion. We will make you aware of the dates and times.
  • We will arrange accessible and affordable monthly activities that will be of benefit to the whole family.
  • We will listen actively to the feedback and suggestions of our members.  Written comments will be brought to the steering committee for discussion.
  • We will plan a wide variety of activities to enrich and enhance your children’s homeschool experience. 
  • The HOPE leadership will avoid planning activities that are questionable in nature or purpose.
  • We will respect each family’s right to participate or not participate, as it chooses, without pressure or judgment.
  • We will come alongside a parent and help in child discipline if the parent is otherwise engaged or unaware of the situation.  This is not to overstep the parent’s rights but to promote respect and good stewardship.

What We Expect From Parents:

  • Parents will be willing to help as needed, which may include preparation, instruction or cleanup of an activity.  A shared burden is much lighter and fosters a sense of community.  
  • At least one parent will remain on site during any activity in which his or her children participate.
  • In the rare case that a parent cannot attend an in-house activity, leadership will be made aware of another specific parent who has accepted responsibility for the children.
  • If a parent cannot attend a field trip with their children, a permission slip must be printed from our website and held by the responsible parent.
  • Anyone attending a HOPE in-house activity will sign in.
  • Parents will discipline their own children, thereby preserving a safe and enjoyable environment.
  • We value your input. Present it in writing, and it will be shared with the whole steering committee.

What We Expect From Children:

  • Children will be respectful to everyone, whether adults or other children.
  • Children will be good stewards of the property and materials provided.
  • Children will be quiet when an adult is giving instruction or calling for their attention.
  • Children will pitch in and help with cleanup until they are dismissed.
  • Maintaining a positive attitude is an important aspect of any group activity; therefore, children are expected to display a positive demeanor even when not thrilled about a particular activity.

Requirements for Becoming HOPE Members:

If you understand and agree with the above statements, and would like to join our group, we’d LOVE to have you!  There is a basic form we need filled out for our records with contact and other information. On this form, you will have an opportunity to tell us where you’d like to plug in:  planning activities, helping with babies and small children, bringing snacks, or some other area.  If you have knowledge or skills that you think may be a good resource to the group (teaching art, woodworking, cooking, etc), please let us know!  Our riches lie in our members and everyone has something they can contribute to enrich the lives of others. 

Email HOPE for more information          Join HOPE online